We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

Melissa Ortiz | Hairstylist

Change. After working my way up in a well known salon and building everything from the ground up and going to school while putting in hours at the salon, I believe leaving and accepting change was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. I was one hundred percent invested in a place that started off as a second family but slowly formed into a toxic, loathing environment. But then I realized it would become one of the most healthiest decisions i’ve ever had to make. Read more>>

Laura Georgieff | Mattress Reviewer, Family Travel Blogger, & Full-Time Traveler

The single hardest, most difficult, decision I have ever had to make, was to quit my corporate job. It wasn’t just hard… it was terrifying. To this day, the most gut-wrenching decision. See, there is comfort and ease in being employed by a Top 100 corporation. There is a paycheck at the end of every week, the promise of a growing salary, the potential promotion around the corner. There is also health benefits, amongst a large array of other benefits meant to keep you in and motivated. But there is also an expectation. Read more>>

Saba & Shokouh Shojai | Co-Founders of everlur

We’ve had to make many difficult decisions since we’ve become entrepreneurs but the most difficult of them all has been the decision to believe in ourselves wholeheartedly. When we decided to take a leap of faith, quit our corporate jobs, and jump into the world of entrepreneurship, we knew that we couldn’t be successful unless we decided to believe in ourselves no matter what. We knew that we had to make the decision to believe in our ability to be successful before we were ever going to be successful and stick with that belief for the rest of our life. That is not an easy decision to make. Read more>>