The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Dujhan Brown | Actor, Voice Over Artist, Police Officer

I made that contributed to my success? The most recent most important decision I made was believing in my abilities to be better and to do better. Around 2020 I began to start more positive affirmations and such. I needed to take all of the responsibilities and “ride the wave” so to speak. I needed to continue to visualize my success and be “even keeled”. I told myself that I needed to “wave” my flag high. I said this because, “Who else is going to wave your flag but you?” Believing more in my abilities and my strengths helped me conceptualize my most recent successes and failures and take them all in stride. Most of all I learn to master the ability of “playing angry”. I tend to do a lot of reflection. They say… all it takes it the faith of a mustard seed. Read more>>

Tom Leveen | Novelist and Writing Instructor

Understanding that entrepreneurship, particularly in creative businesses like writing and storytelling, requires a whole-life mindset. This business will impact your physical and emotional health; your relationships; your finances; everything. There is no “work-life balance,” there is only “life.” Running your own business isn’t punching a clock for someone else, and there are risks that go far beyond whatever financial investment you’re making. And that’s fine. But too many people aren’t told the entire story before jumping in. In my industry, for example, unpublished writers have a glamorized idea that they’ll write this one book, it’ll be an international bestseller, and they’ll have a legion of adoring fans. That is simply not the reality, even for the most successful authors! So the most important decisions I ever made about my industry and business were these: 1. Save 30% of every since dollar. No matter how large or small. Read more>>

C Reneé Mangum | CEO of Thee CRM Group LLC & #JustBeGreat Academy

It was the decision to move to Arizona. I packed a big duffel bag full of clothes, less than $200, grabbed my husband and son, and moved clear across the country without a solid plan. It was the craziest yet best decision I’ve ever made, and it catapulted my success. Read more>>