The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Philip Henn | Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

I would say the single most important decision I made that contributed to my success as a Realtor was turning clients into friends. Read more>>

Seanloui | Musician

I really think not quitting is a trait that is really special. Things get REALLY tough ( covid for example ha). Having shows canceled or not getting the investment or losing members of your team etc. It takes a special kind of person to not give up. I call us the “ crazies” cause all the circumstances should say” yea throw in the towel “ and you dont haha. But I only think the “crazy people” will get to see their dreams realized. Read more>>

Drew Shaw | Educator, Author, Entrepreneur

The single most important decision that I made other than deciding to work for myself is a decision that I make every day – “keep going!” It is a very difficult and scary decision to bet on yourself and decide to pursue something that you are passionate about. It takes discipline, tenacity, and a little bit of crazy to decide to keep going despite the doubts and fears that arise in the process. You’ll hear many business people sell their “secret to success.” But there isn’t one. Success only comes when you stick around long enough to see it. Read more>>

Sunshine Ellis | Property Manager

HI there, I do not work for myself. I work for a stellar company called Avenue5. I have been in Property Management for over 18 years. I love the industry, the partners and the company I work for and with. I would say the biggest contributor to my success in property management is dedication, determination to succeed and being dependable. I like to give my all to everything I do for my career. I would be nowhere today without the support of my team, friends and family. Who your surround yourself with really helps you to succeed. Read more>>