If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Hannah Jean | Tucson Arizona Foodie

I started my food blog as a fun way to share my love for food. I know to keep going because I am still having fun with it and based off the engagement I get off content. Whenever I feel like its becoming more of a chore I know its time to take a small break because it is more of a passion project I have that option to take a step back when I need to. I would know to give up if it felt like it wasn’t as fun anymore and if it wasn’t making me happy. Read more>>

minatuba | artist

By following my heart, I know whether to keep going or to give up. When I can honestly believe from the bottom of my heart that there is no longer anything that I can do there, I give up, rather than escape. On the contrary, there are times when I cannot leave no matter what, even when things are tough, and I think I want to quit. Even if I cannot get a spectacular achievement afterward, it looks pointless to others, or I am miserable, I continue to do the things that I cannot quit. Read more>>

Shiv Shah | President of the Sun Devil Stock Exchange

To me, the words “giving up” don’t exist in my dictionary. I always try to strive for the best I can do, even if it turns out to be meaningless. The primary reason I live by this principle is that I know that I can always at least learn something new about why I didn’t succeed or maybe even learn something about myself, which is always going to be valuable when you have to take on a new challenge. Also, I personally believe when first trying or starting something new, whether it’s an activity or a business, failure should be expected. There is a lot of luck in getting things right the first time, but it’s all skill after that! Read more>>

Alexander Mel Estrella Catedral | Artist (photographer + filmmaker) & Entrepreneur

How do I know when to keep going or to give up? Let’s just say I have a “give up” song I wrote, that I sing at the top of my lungs at least once a week. “It’s my give up day, it feels like everyday, but more like once a week, but this ones a ( insert the day ).” To be frank ( I guess he’s a blunt guy ) I want to give up almost all the time, everyday for the past 12 years, or at least I “feel” that way. When I was younger I use to thrive and persevere with this belief and ideology that everyone gives up right before they are about to succeed. That if everyone just kept going their dreams would eventually happen for them. Read more>>

Jeisser Ayala | Music Artist

Sometimes whether to keep going or to give up is very hard, sometimes you think to yourself it’s going to be very difficult but sometimes you feel that you could do it all, and the way I know to keep going is by preparing for the future getting prepared is always key cause then you know that their is something ahead and that’s what makes me keep going Read more>>

Carmen McConnel | Photographer

No one is going to push you, and no one is going to stop you from giving up. With my photography even when I deal with imposter syndrome or I’m not happy with a session I know the only way I’m going to get better is to keep going. I keep learning, showing up, and driving to fuel my passion. Giving up isn’t an option because this is what I love to do. You only have one life and one chance to chase what you love, and I can’t let myself down. Read more>>

Alex Blackmon | Wedding Photographer

I think there are two main factors to making this choice, and the weight you put on each factor is up to each individual. The first is business sense, does what your doing have a viable market to serve and will it be enough to sustain your goals financially. If the answer to that is yes, then if you keep going and learn how to get better at what you do then you’ll eventually improve. But if there just is no one to serve or not enough profit in what you’re doing, it could cause more stress than anything else to continue. That being said, just because something is not super profitable doesn’t mean it can’t be fulfilling. That leads me to the second factor. Read more>>

Danny Pleckham | Photographer, Videographer & Graphic Designer

I would say that if someone is looking to give up they need to remember this: Your next move could be the one that gets your big break. If you make music, your next song could be the one that makes you blow up. As a photographer, your next gig could be the one to put you on the map. As a videographer, your next video could be the one to go viral. If you give up, you’d never know how close you really were to making it. By giving up, you’re giving up on yourself and your dreams and you are submitting to just living a boring life and not going after your goals. Read more>>

Jesse McCoy | Owner: Inspector’s Auto, Urban Autoglass, Arizona Calibrations

This is a question most entrepreneurs ask themselves a lot and sometimes even, daily. Myself, included. At an early age I was given the responsibility to make a lot of hard choices and absolute freedom to make those choices. My parents were very willing to let me learn the hard way and for that I am eternally grateful; I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are days where it would be easier to just give up and move onto something else. Read more>>

Kristina McInnis | Blogger & Podcast Host

In business, things are constantly evolving. Especially when you’re building a personal brand, what you envision for the empire you’re building may change over time, because you as a person change over time, too. I found this to be so true for myself and personally I never think that giving up is the right answer when things get tough. To be an entrepreneur requires resiliency. It’s interesting because they say resiliency is the ability to “bounce back”, and that movement reminds me of another word that’s been big with anyone who loves FRIENDS: Pivot. Read more>>

SI€K_MF_JA¥ | Lyricist/ Musician

I think the push to keep going when things get difficult is a primal instinct. Kinda like a fight or flight type deal. It’s in you or it’s not.. Read more>>