One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Nina Elaine | CEO and Founder of Awakened Legacy

The past few years, more than ever before, have taught us the value of human connection and empathy. When we’re faced with difficult life circumstances, we’re unable to show up in our highest expression for our family, friends or coworkers, much less the world. This inability to lead effectively stems from the internal chaos that major life changes cause. Relationships make up the intricate fabric of our lives, and help us to feel connected to a greater purpose. A lack of inner stability creeps into all aspects of our lives and negatively affects all of our relationships. Read more>>

Justine Grace | Arizona Couples & Wedding Photographer

I started my business during the pandemic and I felt that it was appropriate at the time. I wanted my work to display love between couples in hopes of demonstrating the presence of love even in the most unprecedented times. When I started my photography business, it was my goal to capture the raw and unfiltered moments between couples and for it to have a positive impact on their relationship. Reminding couples the why behind their wedding, showing them how much they love each other through the valleys and peaks of their relationships, and strengthening their bond with each other is definitely a rewarding work. Read more>>

Nancy Hann | Travel, Creativity & Lifestyle Blogger

When I think about “traveling with purpose” it means lifelong learning, helping others, and growing personally through meaningful travel, I’ve had the privilege of visiting many destinations around the world where I found ways to learn something new or help others when I was exploring a new place. Experiencing different cultures is a growing experience in itself. As St. Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” Read more>>

Evan Dittig | Founder and Executive Director at Shred.Co

My business, Shred.Co, is a skateboard instructional program whose mission is to improve physical, mental and social-emotional wellbeing on both a local and global scale through skateboarding. We provide guidance through instructional lessons, multi-level skate classes, in-school assemblies, after-school enrichment programs, municipal partnerships and more. Portions of profit raised are redirected into social impact projects such as equipment donations, skatepark fundraising, therapeutic skate clinics, free skate lessons, demonstrations and charitable events in the community and internationality. Read more>>

Ashlyn Coronado | Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

My business is centered around teaching others how to create a mindful life. Mindfulness helps us be present, reduce stress, and handle difficult situations with ease. I feel like a lot of us live mindlessly and on autopilot, which can cause us to react to stress in a negative way. I believe my business helps the world by teaching others this simple practice, and how to manage their emotions/thoughts. Even though it is simple, it has life-changing benefits. I’m grateful to help others learn this practice, change their mindset, and improve their mental health. We all could use some mindfulness and positivity right now. Read more>>

todd hanley | CEO and Community Champion

The Hotel Congress and Agave Heritage Festival offer a very unique blend of business and enviromental sustainability best practices. We are small but mighty around both how we minimize our impact at the same time staying profitable and successful to insure future impact. The both represent adaptation and resiliency which is exactly what our community and world needs more of as we continue to navigate these unsettling times. Read more>>

Tara Carroll | Social Media Content Creator/Influencer & SAHM

With my business/brand being centered around my marriage; I take my everyday life and share my testimonies with the world in hopes to spread and teach about agape love: Unconditional love. Read more>>

Ashley Hlebinsky | Firearms Historian and Consultant

As a historian of firearms history, technology, culture and society, my work provides an apolitical and education focused approach to understanding a hotly political topic in today’s society. By providing historical information to a range of clients, my research helps to create a larger understanding of a subject many people seek to know more about, regardless of where they sit on the debate. I work with museums and public institutions around the world to effectively communicate such an emotionally charged topic to a wide array of people as a means to foster understanding and a productive dialogue that could hopefully create positive change in the future. Read more>>

Kim Ebeling | Wedding Planner & Sommelier

We work really hard to reduce our impact when it comes to single use items at events. While we know it is not always possible, we try to limit any single use items. When we do have to use single use items, we look for the most sustainable items like bamboo plates over plastic. We also do our best to partner with catering to make sure any single use plastic is recycled instead of thrown away in the garbage. By simply bringing sustainability into the conversation, we hope we are able to make our clients more aware as well and it encourages them to make better choices for their wedding and beyond. Read more>>

Jim Reich | Company Founder & Guide Extraordinaire at Wine Tours of Sedona

I love this question! I feel like my business helps the world by offering travelers from literally all over the world have extraordinary tour experiences when they choose the tours my company offers. For me it starts by training my guides to be extraordinary guides who provide extraordinary tours so my customers can go home with extraordinary memories. Read more>>

Shira Panitch | CEO & Founder of Glow & Grow

Glow & Grow is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship. We are an interior and patio plant design business on a mission to improve access to plants across the Valley. We know that plants not only boost air quality but are imperative to creating microclimates and shade during the heat of the summer in the Sonoran Desert. We are experts in the native Arizona climate and only plant desert-adapted and native species outdoors. Our sustainable practices contribute to the growth of the desert biome and shade equity in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Read more>>