One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Pri Hennis | Integrative Medicine & Certified Life Coach

I am on a mission to create generational well-being in Arizona. As a parent myself, I see the value in creating a healthier world – healthier parents, healthier children. Health is typically split into physical and mental health. Read more>> 

Janelle Kinsey | Queer, feminist, body cast and ceramic artist

My art has started to reach far outside of my own experiences, and instead is tapping into the collective need for feminist healing through art. By including real people, their bodies, and stories, into my art making process, I am helping to facilitate a much needed safe and scared space for those of us who are marginalized and made to feel shame surrounding our bodies and sexualities. Read more>>

Dereck Malone | Professional content creator

I’ve been a full-time gamer for 10 years and recently jumped into the tiktok world! I had no idea the impact I would have in saving restaurants life’s! I started doing food reviews about 5 months ago which then I was at 2500 followers. Fast forward to now I’m at 165,000 just on tiktok. Read more>> 

Kristin Kauffman L.M.T. | Owner, MasPaz Massage, LLC

MasPaz Massage, which means more peace, helps the community by planting seeds for self-awareness through massage therapy and meditation. Massage is seen as a luxury and I truly believe compassionate human touch is beneficial for all. Read more>> 

Chad Andrews | Co-Creator of the Ascension Chamber

The technology we have developed is intended to give people hope and to assist individuals suffering. During the last four years, we have been witness to numerous incredible healing stories. Individuals with debilitating circumstances and health issues have made full recovery to the surprise of medical experts. Read more>>

Ticia Lea | Esthetician, Lash Artist and Body Contouring Specialist

My business is all about providing luxury services that empower people to look and feel their best. My hope is that those amazing vibes will trickle out into the community and ultimately the world. Read more>>

Renee Fitzgerald | Nonprofit Founder/Director & Yoga Teacher

Since I was young, I would use movement as a form of mental therapy. If I felt stressed, sad about something, or just couldn’t clear my thoughts, running, hiking, biking or any type of body movement, would make me feel better. Read more>> 

Mister Edison | AZ Filmmaker

I moved to AZ around 4 years ago and searched high and low for roles to fit my personality and my genre. I came up short multiple times due to the constant horror films or cowboy flicks, so I created Edison Films. Read more>> 

Shauna Balzer | LGBTQ+ Creative & Illustrator

I created That Queer Card Co due to a lack of LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream greeting card companies. Queer lived experience is worth celebrating and the heteronormativity of major greeting card companies fails to recognize this. Read more>> 

William Dupuy Christian Pereira | Co-Founders of Treadmeal

The United States currently hosts nearly 30,000 food trucks across the country. This industry continues to be built by community-driven businesses that offer mouth-watering dishes, desserts, drinks, and various treats to their customers. Read more>> 

Sue Kuraja | President, WIFS Phoenix

WIFS Phoenix, – Women in Insurance & Financial Services Phoenix, has created a platform for women in business. The Counting on Her Podcast allows WIFS to pass the mic to a fellow female in the industry. Read more>>