We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Steven Arounh | Lead Singer & Guitarist

Steven Arouh (Lead Singer & Guitarist) – When all of our hard work comes together. Ultimately, as long as people are enjoying music together, that makes me happy. Bob Dyer (Bassist/Gamer) – It’s the simple things. Whether it’s another band rehearsal or show night, doing what I love and having others enjoy it with me is what makes me happy. Zenon Castro (Percussionist): Sonoran Hot Dogs. #Phoenix Daniel Robinson (Drummer): Healing the people with music! Even if it’s only for a short time. Read more>>

Amanda Heger | Registered Nurse & Artist

My family is my number one priority. Seeing my family healthy, happy and succeeding in life is the foundation of my happiness. My life has been an interesting journey, but the key driving force was to make my family proud and provide for them the way they deserve. Read more>>

Zaneta Ryszka | Healer & Coach

Being myself makes me happy. The freedom to express myself. Progress! Earning from my passion and developing my potential at the same time. Creating a unique products. Inspiring others, helping them to stand in their highest potential. Learning, knowing, experiencing. Improving in managing myself in the world of Energy. And also: nature, running, hiking, dancing, discovering new places, details in art… And relationships, the one closest to me especially raises my level of happiness on a daily basis. I love what I do because I’m in it and it makes me happy. Read more>>