Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs and artists and creatives – folks who have chosen incredibly difficult professional paths that often don’t offer any safety nets or guarantees. Nonetheless, we regularly hear that being a parent is a far greater challenge and so we asked some of these folks to open up to us about the things they’ve done as parents that they feel will have a meaningful and positive impact on their child.

Michelle De Miranda | Publisher and Philanthropist

When I started my magazine – I had just endured a very painful divorce and all 3 of my children lost a very important person in their life. They not only endured the abandonment themselves, but then had front row seats to their mom’s world come crumbling down. As much as we smile through the tears and hide the aches and fears as much as we can from our children, we all know they are usually much smarter and more in-tuned with the energy around them then we think. It was one of the most pivotal moments of my life. And in all honesty, it wasn’t easy, and I struggled every single day to dry my tears, lick my wounds and decide to carry on. Read more>>

Diva G. | Blogger & Recipe Developer

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on my children has been to follow my intuition. When our son was around 6 months old, we discovered our son had anaphylactic food allergies to 4 of the top 8 allergens (and 5 of the top 11). The first thing my husband and I were told was to avoid those foods at all costs. We were given an Epi-Pen and pushed out of the door unaware of how our lives would be forever changed. However, intuitively I knew that we had to do more. Read more>>

Nathan Noiman | Baker Dad & Child of God

In the bible, from the book of Joshua chapter 24 verse 15 there’s a piece of scripture that I cannot forget. My Aunt Rachel had this little quotation in her downstairs bathroom when I was growing up as a kid in southern California. “…But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” These few little words of wisdom have always stayed with me and as a parent I have been able to give these words and more to our children. The 2 simple rules are to love God and love your neighbor as how you love yourself. Treat others how you would like to be treated (in other words). Read more>>