Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Cory Otterstrom | Photographer & Videographer

When I was in High School, I took a Photography class as an “easy elective” and I ended up loving it! I remember when I was out skateboarding with my friends, I was always the one taking pictures and taking videos for their Social Media and people were loving it! I felt like it was the only thing I was good at, so after high school, I decided to pursue it more and go to college for Film and Multimedia Production and I couldn’t be happier! Read more>>

Genesis Maxim | Photographer and Creative

I pursued an artistic and creative career because I have always been the most happy and satisfied when I’m creating! I love to make things beautiful and enjoyable to look at. It makes life more interesting and just so much more fun! Read more>>

Bryan Steinmetz | Drummer

For the most part all of us are creatives, but music has always been the most accessible in expresses ourselves as individuals. We didn’t want to spend lives chasing after jobs that ultimately wouldn’t fill that happiness from pursuing art. We love to share what we make and are proud of the work we’ve done so far and how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. But ultimately the pursuit of creativity and the free feeling of playing and sharing music led us to choosing this career. Read more>>

Quianna Marie | Photographer + Content Generator

Following my heart and pursuing a creative, entrepreneurial career felt like the only option for me. I craved freedom, couldn’t imagine doing the same thing everyday and truly wanted to make an impact in this world. It took one employer to deny me a time off request for a holiday weekend for me to reevaluate my time in the work force and my career choice. Around that same time I had the opportunity to assist photographing a wedding and I was hooked. I was shocked that I could make photographing weddings my career. Read more>>

Mikel Wellington | CG Character Designer

I pursued an artistic career because it was like having a superpower for me. The ability to impact someone’s thoughts, feelings, and expressions based on the art I created seemed very intriguing. Videogames were essential in my life, and having the chance to marry my love for gaming and art into a singular career path felt like all of these different passions merged into one. The idea of being able to do that professionally through the art I create seemed like the ultimate career path, especially once I realized it was something one could pursue. Read more>>

Robin TenElshof | Registerd Nurse, Artist

My passions in high school were sports, art and photography. I graduated from Patagonia Highschool and never had an art teacher, so when I attended college as an Art major I felt so inadequate as an artist and gave up. I still did art through the years, whether it be for church, plays or if friends wanted paintings. I wanted stability and I became a nurse and ended up in the Metro Detroit area where I loved visiting the DIA and the Diego Rivera Murals. It connected me to home. Ive traveled to Kenya and Uganda where me and my husband served on Medical Mission teams helping The Pokot and other tribes in the bush of Kenya (also another passion). Read more>>

Uma Maheswari Kamalam | Fitness Instructor(Zumba Fitness/Bollywood Dance Fitness)

I have been Dancing since I was 5 years old. Dance has always been my biggest passion,My No. 1 🙂 Working a corporate job was not a happiness factor for me, there was something lacking. At the back of my mind I always felt that teaching dance and sharing my passion with the world is what will give me immense happiness, and therefore I took the plunge 🙂 Read more>>

Sound Valley Studios | Recording Studio, Photo/Video Studio, Creative space

Here at Sound Valley, our number one goal is to help creatives achieve their artistic goals and vision. We bring ideas to life. Part of what made us pursue this type of work, is that both of us as Owners, are musical artists as well. Developing, branding, and building a creative space where musicians, writers, producers, photographers, videographers, and many others can come together to naturally create something magical, was the initial concept and driving force behind what brought this entire thing together. Read more>>