Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Alexander Sands | Professional dog trainer

I love dogs, first and foremost but I also want to make a significant impact in the world around me and I can do it more effectively if I’m offering my talents and time to my community versus being too tired to exercise them because of a 9-5 drain. Time wealth is another reason why; control over my time gives me control over my life and the freedom to build the one my family and I dream of. Read more>>

Peyday Peyton | Model actor singer songwriter

Wow , what a question . At the end of the day making people happy while motivating and inspiring them has always been my biggest passion . Growing up I was inspired by my mother , by her hard work and resilience . By the fact that she was a single mother and still took care of me and ( to be honest ) the rest of the family . Growing up I wanted to be there for my family and friends the same exact way . As I grew older and began to mature I started to incorporate how I was raised into my music and my artistry . Any way that I can show appreciation to how I was raised I tend to take advantage of it and as I continue on this creative journey I hope to strengthen this gift and share it with others . Read more>>

Kellie Carlton | Trainer

I like doing creative things and personal training is a creative outlet. I get to work with all different types of people and help them solve individual problems, and that’s where working one on one I enjoy. If I have 10 different client’s goals in a day it’s always a challenge and never boring. I get to work with psychology,
anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, and physiology. By helping other people I also become understanding of my own condition having cervical dystonia, which is a muscle and nerve condition of the neck. We share ideas, they help me and I help them. It creates community. Read more>>

Kevin Carrao | Actor, Writer, Director, & Producer

Growing up in Chandler, I always did creative things. Loved building random things out of legos, wrote poetry, even made movies starring my stuffed animals using a cardboard box with a long piece of paper at the end for the rolling credits. I went to Corona del Sol High School in Tempe where I got heavily involved with the drama program,. It gave me the opportunity to start acting and work on productions behind the scenes too. Once I got to college at ASU, I figured I needed a “real job” for a career, so I waited to declare an official major. Read more>>

Jay Venom | Social Media Influencer & MUA

I choose an artistic and creative career because of the way it has allowed me to freely express myself in ways I couldn’t when I first came out. I feel like when I first decided to dive in into the world of makeup I began to develop my creative mind. I saw people becoming interested in what I would post next on Instagram and gave me that push to peruse it more. Being artistic and creative is subjective to many so it has been fascinating seeing the difference perspectives when it comes that world and the doors it has opened up for me locally but also across the country. Read more>>

Alberto Morris | Painter

Since I was a child I loved to draw and recreate images. Furthermore, in 2013 I learned how to paint, and it pivoted where I was focusing my artistic abilities. Over time it became a passion I found I could also get paid for. So, with working to mastery my craft while also being compensated to do so, the universe sort of transitioned me into this position. Read more>>

Sue Ann Pham | Illustrator & Multimedia Artist

Honestly, I pursued art because I simultaneously love and was good at it. Painting, drawing, and being creative were skills that always came naturally to me, but I never thought these skills could ever earn a living. For a long time, I was scared at the thought of pursuing the path of a “starving artist”, due to its unpredictable nature. A lot of factors played into me finally saying “screw it” and just kind of leapt into pursuing a lifestyle that was both scary yet exciting. Read more>>

Abby Rey | Actor, Writer, Director.

There are no two fingerprints alike in the world which shows how unique people are. My mom worked in the medical field but I knew from the moment I got my report card in Biology, that the medical field isn’t for me. This is my story. Growing up, I was interested in a lot of things. I loved music. I played clarinet and saxophone in middle school and high school. I played the drums and guitar for my church and I like to sing but I was very shy. That was my biggest problem. Read more>>

Griselda Arechiga | Beauty Creator

Since I was a little girl I’ve always been drawn to creativity. It started with a love for art then the art became makeup. Read more>>

Sheena Hyena | Artist

Mental health is important to me. After many attempts at jobs, or career paths. I never found my place. This has given me an opportunity to connect with everyone around me through creativity. Read more>>

Marlaay $ota | Artist/brand/creator

As i was growing up, i could not stay out of trouble, i had so much anger and rage built up inside me. My friends all died and went to jail, my family never had careers, it was all negative energy. Music and art was the only way to get out and express and harness my thoughts with out consequences. I started the hippiefriends brand to spread positive energy and higher viberations to the outkast the weirdos the people who lost hope and also show my people we can enjoy the finer things in life and that we dont all have to be trappers. Read more>>

Mark Ayzenberg | Photographer & Surgeon

I fell into my photography serendipitously when my father asked me to sell his DSLR camera while I was a second-year resident physician in orthopedic surgery. Instead of selling it, I asked if I could borrow it for a few months first. At the time, I was working nights for months and so during the day while I was off, I would explore the city of Philadelphia and use photography as a reason to get out. This is where my photography journey began. I started reading about photography, watching tutorials, etc. I did not initially start this with a plan to market my work, but I was constantly asked about purchasing work. Read more>>

Alexis Baker | Professional Makeup Artist & Permanent Makeup artist

I decided to pursue an artistic and creative career because I have been doing makeup since I was a young girl, YouTube was my bestfriend. I have always had a keen eye for all things beauty related and growing up I did hair and makeup in my free time for fun and I happened to enjoy doing it because it made not only myself feel beautiful but those around me as well. Read more>>

Abel (Pato ) Aguilar | Artist

What I remember is having an urge to grab a brush and paint. I used to draw some popular cartoon characters as a kid but never considered myself an artist. At the age of 27 with only $40 in my pocket, I went to a local art supply store. I followed my intuition and bought what I thought an artist needed. I remember getting a 10 pack of cheap canvases, some acrylic paint set, and a brush set. I went back home and started playing around. Without any instruction in the painting process, I opted to read the directions on the paint brush packages to see what each brush is used for. Read more>>

Janet Cox | Creator, artist, business owner

Why did you pursue an artistic or creative career? Ever since I was a little girl I have always been organically drawn to anything artistic , creative Especially when it comes to the beauty industry and jewelry. My very earliest Memory was sitting on a corner of my street in fourth grade trading lipgloss and other little beauty products with the neighbor kids we would take a blanket and lay out stuff that we wanted to trade , we would trade back-and-forth for hours , it was always revolved around girly beauty stuff. Read more>>