Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Dru Hill | Artist

I was born into it…My mother was an artist and art teacher. She gave me the tools, drive, and the example. She taught me that life is best when you’re taking chances, learning, and creating. Read more>>

Kali Moldavon | Automotive Enthusiast, Influencer, & Supercar Therapy Coordinator

I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily a path I chose, but more so landed on. I started my brand with no idea it would become something of this capacity. It started as a fun and lighthearted hobby, but as they say- if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! This is something I truly enjoy doing- it has become my passion, hobby, and job all in one. Read more>>

Teresa Culbertson | Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker

When it comes to being a creative I really don’t think there is much of a choice. Really we do, but there is a drive from within to create. I feel there are creatives that know exactly what they are here to do, and then there are ones like me that keep trying new things. I have a passion to learn new artistic ventures. Read more>>

Ariel Medilo | Artist, Illustrator & All Around Man of Culture

As years passed I always noticed that I kept coming back to art. Whether it was in high school, college, or in my adult life it has always been a deep part of who I am as a person. I grew up admiring comics, manga, anime, and cartoons as any kid and had dreamed of eventually having a series of my own one day. Read more>>

Cici Camacho | Experience Creator & Project Manager

Choosing a career centered around creativity allows me to explore my imagination and share it with others. This, to me, is exciting and brings me so much happiness. I truly believe in only doing things that bring you the joy of a baby duck and creative projects bring out those fun and play vibes plus an immense amount of joy. Read more>>

Charles Pavarini III | Designer

Inspiration takes many forms and many times is unexpected. It presents itself in our daily lives & routines: it can come from a walk in nature, from a piece of art, and even from a sound. Read more>>

Eric and Karen Tippit | Head mudslingers/Potters

We actually evolved into an artistic career in a most unconventional way. We both had Masters Degrees and careers in other fields for many years before we became disillusioned with the corporate mindset. Read more>>

Dakota Yazzie | Producer, Songwriter, & Manager

I grew up around artists and creators of all sorts; jewelers, weavers, painters, sculptors, community minded folks. Creativity is simply another language for a lot of indigenous people. It’s ingrained into the fabric of our society, you’d be hard pressed to find someone’s auntie who isn’t a beader, weaver, farmer, or creative of some sort. Read more>>

Victor Navarro | Artist, Philanthropist | Entrepreneur

My passion for the arts and the observed need for an inclusive exhibition platform drove my pursuit of an artistic career. In 2009, I founded the International Art Exchange organization (IAE). Thru an entrepreneurial and philanthropic focus, the organization aims to promote artists’ works in world-class exhibits. Read more>>

Trace Garrett | Photographer/videographer

We live in a chaotic time. Everyone wants to have a feel of control. Being a creative helps me feel that. Everything within my camera frame is my field of expertise. It helps me understand things and see multiple perspectives. Read more>>

YEK | Designer

Growing up, creativity was always encouraged and supported by my parents. Naturally I’ve always imagined myself making a living off expressing myself in one form or another. Not to say I’m completely there yet, just always had (still have) this inner knowing that eventually that’s how things will pan out. Read more>>

Dientropy Band | Death Metal Band

Even though we’re older men in a young mans industry, We enjoy the challenge of learning our instruments and playing music together. We strive to push our abilities and bringing entertainment to other Metal Fans. There is no other feeling like when the crowd cheers for you after a great song. Read more>>