We had the good fortune of connecting with Jayd Hernandez and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jayd, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
I really gravitated towards the magic of tattooing and being able to camouflage hair loss, which then translated to stretch marks and scars. Now as an Artist, I’m constantly looking at other things I can camouflage with permanent ink.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
My art is compassion and my canvas is skin. I’d say my greatest strength has always been the ability to see and hear people, and its from that space that I create. Like most entrepreneurs and creatives, I’ve had to overcome my doubts on whether or not I could be successful and make money doing what I loved? I’ve also struggled with staying passionate and committed to a project for the long-haul. I noticed that when I focus or get stuck on the money, things begin to fall apart. My passion dies and then the doubts start spiraling in. I start wondering if I’m in the right field, if I’m talented enough, what am I supposed to do with my life? Etc. So for me, it can’t be about the money. It’s too limiting and then it begins to slowly suffocate me. I’m happiest when I feel fulfilled and productive. When I focus on the bigger picture; creating space for people to feel free to be themselves, then my business and my passion flourishes. So to break that down into a process, I study people who have fulfilling lives and ask them a ton of questions. I listen to their stories, which give me insights into what or how I need to shift and think differently for myself and I read a ton! I listen to podcasts from a variety of self-aware entrepreneurs and I discern who I gain wisdom from.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I love the atmosphere and baked-from-scratch pastries at Lux Coffee in Central Phoenix. I’ve recently taken a few dance classes at Dancplex in Scottsdale and love a good spa treatment at the Scottsdale Camelback Inn.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I actually dedicate 1/3 of my time in personal development and have been a student of The Center for Intuitive Education for over 10 years. They have literally seen me grow up and develop into the person that I am now. My self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and confidence has stemmed from the support of their curriculum and personalized blueprint. I think people would be surprised to hear that all major professional and personal decisions I’ve made, have been navigated by their life-changing courses and tools.

Website: https://studioconceal.com
Instagram: @studioconceal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studioconceal/
Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/studio-skalp-scottsdale
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Fe2eEpqMFadSyVbJX9NdA