We had the good fortune of connecting with Kendall Merritt and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kendall, is there something you believe many others might not?
Conventional advice would have you believe that sex is a dirty word. Stay with me here, I know this is an uncomfortable topic that may trigger some people, yet when no one talks about it, we will never be able to think differently about it. Sex is not a dirty word. All people deserve healthy relationships and thriving sexual wellbeing…. yet society puts sexuality in a box. It is over-commoditized and under-valued. It’s everywhere and not allowed to exist at the same time. Everyone talks about it but no one is talking about it from the perspective that matters most. It’s one of the most taboo topics that exists on the planet and it is THE most natural, innately human and beautiful parts of our existence…. It is literally how the human race continues to exist. Conventional advice would tell you never to talk about it. Conventional advice would give you conflicting and confusing information that steers you down deep dark rabbit holes of misinformation, shame, judgement, guilt, fear, pain and silence. Conventional advice about sex and sexuality is deafening. People are having sex younger than ever before. In this digital age, there is more information at people’s fingertips than ever before… and yet, our society, and conventional advice about sex and sexuality fall under the topic of inappropriate, taboo, or extreme. I deeply disagree with conventional advice about sex and sexuality. This is why my business, Soul Saturations provides a safe space for radical transformation and permission to deeply connect with Soul-Centered Sexuality. Imagine a world where we grew up knowing that our sexuality is special, beautiful, natural, sacred, honorable, magical… Imagine knowing the power, respecting our unique presence and limitless potential… Imagine growing up with the belief that our individual sexual essence is something to be cherished… Imagine knowing that our sexual energy is our creative, life force energy that gives us confidence to create the life of our dreams… Imagine knowing the beauty of sharing physical intimacy with a loving, honoring and respecting partner… Imagine knowing that physical intimacy is deeply soul connecting and expands every cell of your being… Imagine knowing that pleasure is a normal and natural human experience that is encouraged… Imagine not settling in relationships with people that didn’t honor your fullest potential… Imagine a world free from shame, guilt, and judgement around sexuality… Imagine feeling light, free and confident when thinking about sex and sexuality… Imagine a world where our sexuality is celebrated… If any of this feels far fetched, hard to fathom or damn near impossible…. Then that is why I disagree with conventional advice about sexuality. I believe that we need to create more spaces for open, honest, respectful dialogue about our sexuality so that we can raise the next generation of conscious lovers…. And it starts with you.

What should our readers know about your business?
My soul’s purpose has always been to deeply connect with people. At a relatively young age, I learned how to confidently put myself in front of a room and deeply connect with others. That was the first step on my journey to becoming a coach. I first started coaching young girls, 12-17, in a leadership development camp… If you can coach 20 teenage girls for 8 days and 7 nights in the same house, you can coach anything! (Imagine the estrogen in that house!) Coaching is the gift that quantum leaped my career and at a relatively young age I was sitting at the table with CEO’s and Executives of global organizations working for an internationally recognized consulting company that helped awaken the magic within organizations. I learned that not only was it my soul’s purpose to deeply connect, it was also my gift. From 13 year olds to 73 year olds who had been in business for longer than I had been on this planet deeply respected me and the perspectives I could help shift. As I found myself working for someone else, I reflected on the unique message and impact that I was meant to have on the planet. I knew that I had to create a new container for my own expansion and growth so that I could share it with the world. I was being called to step fully and authentically into my own purpose and presence. I left my corporate career in June of 2019 and decided to start my own business. What was the space I was truly passionate about? I looked at all the Executives and Leaders I had been coaching and working alongside and one of the things that shocked me was the dysfunction, dissatisfaction of relationships and sexual well-being. People were searching for depth, meaning, connection and love yet they were searching outside of themselves. Once they hit the next income bracket, title raise, bigger house, newer car… then they could focus on their “self care” and relationships…. Yet it never seemed to happen. It was the mindset of when X happens, then I’ll be happy but there was always something else. How could people live their lives in such mediocrity and despair… and for some, completely unconsciously? Why was honoring our own sexual essence, energy and physical intimacy as individuals and partners so TABOO? What if we could grow up knowing that our own passion, creative life force energy and sexual essence is our natural and innate power and intuitive wisdom? What if we could prioritize our partnerships and experience loving, intimate, and thriving relationships? That was the birth of my first business, Soul Saturations. Soul Saturations is a transformational container that activates the light within by deeply connecting with soul centered sensuality and sexuality. As a certified energy coach, sex & relationship coach, podcast host, speaker (and soon to be author) I create a safe space for people to remember their soul’s purpose and true presence by accessing the limitless possibilities of their pleasure. Through over a decade of coaching experience, I integrate proven processes and tools with spirituality and energy work to meet both couples and individuals where they are at, recognize and overcome blocks, and use tangible daily action items to create long term change and achieve more harmony in their life. Sex is not a dirty word. You deserve healthy relationships and thriving sexual wellbeing…. yet society puts sexuality in a box. It is over commoditized and under valued. It’s everywhere and not allowed to exist at the same time. Everyone talks about it but no one is talking about it from the perspective that matters most. This work takes courage. When people choose to enter into a container with Soul Saturations, they are choosing more than just sex, they know that soul-centered sexuality is the missing key to unlock all possibilities of living a soul centered life. While I believe that soul-centered sexuality is key for living a soul-centered life, not everyone is brave enough to have that conversation and certain settings require a bit more grace with the subject which is why I also started my second business, Honoring the Power of Presence. The state of the planet is waking people up to understand what energy feels like. We have been given the beautiful gift of contrast, where we can feel in our physical bodies what energy feels like. We can recognize fear, worry, anxiety, stress, and dis-ease and feel the overwhelming contraction and constriction within our bodies. The gift of contrast is that we are also acutely aware of what we do want to experience, a sense of ease and expansion, where we recognize stable, solid, confident, kind, compassionate and loving beings of light. Leadership and Business is transforming with the radical transformation on the planet and because of this heightened awareness, Honoring the Power of Presence is a coaching and consulting company to translate this energy and help leaders and organizations embody a powerful energetic presence. I have integrated my unique background of coaching, speaking and training with my intensive energy coaching certification to support leaders and organizations to connect with their purpose, intention, and impact so they can create the change on the planet they were meant to make. I do that through Executive Coaching, Custom Consulting Options including Leadership Development, Brand and Culture Strategy, and bespoke solutions and training to bring it to life. Both of my businesses are founded on deeply connecting with people.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
My best friends have the best taste in food and beverage and are focused on living a well-rounded lifestyle of movement, spirituality, and entertainment. I choose to associate with places that are high vibration, sensually appealing and good for the soul. As a Phoenix Native, and a very particular one at that, I have too many places to list of my favorite spots in the city! Two of my favorite go – to spots when I need a little soul food are: Chestnut Fine Food and Provisions… it’s the place to eat, drink and hang out. Located at The Vintage at 44th and Osborn, Chestnut is one of my go to places at least 5 times a week… I live in the neighborhood and can walk my dog there, hang out on the patio, listen to live music, work all day, all while eating and drinking with the most friendly service. My friends coming to visit me for a week would go with me to Chestnut no less than 3 times! I love all things Witchy and Woo and the most amazing community and shop is called Abundant Space. There are beautiful events and live offerings, crystals, books, jewelry, vintage treasures, and so many other things… I know that whenever my soul guides me to Abundant Space, it’s going to be a magical day.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I choose to dedicate my shoutout to my partner, my love, and my biggest support, Dr. Matthew Zanis, founder of Rooted in MVMNT. I knew true partnership that set my soul on fire and inspired me to be my best was what I truly desired and you have been the divine mirror of perfection to step into my fullest potential. Your endless belief in me, my work, and our ability to create the life of our dreams together inspires me. You have pushed me when I needed an extra shove and encouraged me when I needed to be reminded of WHY the work I do is so important. Thank you for making the choice to do this life with me, every single day. Your intimacy, strength, and support fully saturates my soul…

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