We had the good fortune of connecting with Planet Danger and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Planet, why did you pursue a creative career?
Honestly, I can’t tell you when my creative career began. I started so young that a professional intention was never behind anything I did. As cliché as it is, it’s just something I was born to do. Creativity is one of those channels that flows so easily for me in so many different ways. I’ve experimented with drawing, painting, photography, animation, music, etc. ever since I was a child. I remember making stop motion videos for school projects, or creating clothing out of candy wrappers. Once I vandalized my entire town out of my newfound love for spray painting. It’s against my will, and sometimes it gets me in trouble. I pursue art because I feel in my bones that it’s my path in life. It’s my passion, and something I’ve spent most of my life doing (with whatever form it takes). It took a long time for me to realize that, too. My brain can literally only operate at it’s maximum in this weird art thing I have going on. Even my life story is so stupid dramatic and somewhat tragic, and that in itself creates a cacophony of art… naturally. Self expression is just my thing at this point. Plus, I just love doing it so much. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I actually can’t pursue anything else. I’m so blessed to have people supporting my work and rooting for my future, I can’t do this without people rooting me on.

Please tell us more about your art. We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about. How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
My art is basically a culmination of my life. I‘m part white, from Connecticut/the UK. I love that part of myself, and that side of my family. It gave me so much to enrich myself from. I also have that unique lens in my life by being indigenous, too. Being indigenous heavily impacts everything for me, whether it’s obvious in my work or words. Maybe it’s not obvious, but it’s deeply present. I’m Havasupai, and was raised at the Grand Canyon. Being raised there created a deep connection to nature, and much to learn from in terms of deep ancestral pain, and deep ancestral wisdom. These two contrasting backgrounds all heavily incorporate into what I create. It’s a super weird contrast to live. Maybe it’s not an obvious theme either, but they’re big elements that deeply impact what I create. It wasn’t easy to get where I am, as few like to root for the unorthodox artist path to begin with. But, being Native American, it’s rare for any of us to be respected in this country. I never grew up with someone like me to see as inspiration in mainstream media. I think we have to try extra hard to make any sort of imprint here, or even on our own land for that matter. To even be alive right now as an indigenous woman is a blessing I don’t take for granted. I wish indigenous people could live with no worry of being targeted for maliciousness. I pray that can change, and I do want to help change that. Indigenous people need to be loved and seen. With all that being said, I’m super grateful for the people who network with me and gift me opportunities to showcase what I can offer. In my life, I had to overcome many authority figures hoping that I fail. The most difficult challenge is overcoming my own self, though. Ultimately, I try to transform those energies into something that guides me towards a self realized future. I’m most proud of alchemizing my life into artistic creations. I still struggle with the ghosts of my past, like everyone else, but at least I can transform those ghosts into art. The lessons of my life are the most valuable things I have for my art. There is truly no definition for art anyways, so that takes the pressure of everything off. I mostly want to show authenticity in my work, and to show the person I truly am, no labels or any identity behind it. The next project I have, besides any visual art, is my first film set to release in 2021. The film that’s coming up I believe is the manifesto of I’ve everything I’ve done thus far. It’s everything I’ve practiced in my life, with a message that I’ve lived and figured out how to translate into art. At least I hope..? My creations are a weird-rando-beautifully-strange-oddity-event-spectacular, so hopefully people can enjoy that ride and see what’s happens next, as I’m just getting started.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I’d take them to see the Grand Canyon, because that’s literally the only reason why people come here. I consider it my home, no matter where I end up living. It’s in my soul purpose to love and know this area. My tribe, the Havasupai, have been here forliteralever. It’s a pretty weird place though, for sureeee. So… when the pandemic ends, and you’re on the South Rim, hit up Bright Angel Bicycles for a coffee. Afterward, go to the El Tovar to walk around. It’s old and corny, but it’s somewhere fun to poke around. It’s also super haunted, so maybe even ghost hunt if you’re into that. But most importantly, it’s essential to stay hydrated, Stay on the designated trails, keep away from wild animals, and please read whatever information the park gives you. The Grand Canyon could swallow you up whole, so be good… please. I’ve seen some gnarly gnar here, so heed my advice.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I would like to shoutout my dad. My dad has been my rock throughout my life, and throughout my artistic journey. He’s the one whose encouraged me the most to do everything I do. I would be nothing without my dad.

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