We had the good fortune of connecting with Samantha Corder and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Samantha, how do you define success?
How should one define success? Is it measured by years of wisdom? Maybe the number of commas in your bank roll? I feel success is defined by person. My success is measured by the never ending process called “DRIVE”. You know that scene from, what’s that movie, MATILDA! “You can do it Bruce”, “You can do it Brucy”! Kid ate that cake, and he ate it good! Sure, he could have given up, but he didn’t. Its that kind of drive that i define success to be. The kind where, even under pressure, you keep going. Something I quite often remind myself.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I am a Boudoir Photographer! (slight pause for google search on boudoir…..) Though I’m new to the scene in the business world, I am definitely not when it comes to the body! And the art of Boudoir Photography showcases just that! THE BODY! and let me tell you, its by far the most beautiful thing to capture. The intimacy that one can capture, one simple touch of a lip or arch to a back, a toss of the hair to the tips of your toes! Your body tells a story. Each time, Each movement so very different and captivating from the next. Honestly there is nothing better then having a woman reach out to you for a session to build up that love that was there before that is now clouded by society and the cruelness it sometimes shows (cause lets be honest, today people can be mean). To have them come in, unsure, nervous and timid. To leaving feeling glamorous, secure in herself, going home to have some of the best sex they’ve had in a while. Those are the moments that make me proud. To have a session with a model release ( its where you get permission to use their photos in things like adds, marketing, ect) to have that session to share to others, Its an incredible feeling… Why? There are so many woman and men with bodies that may look like ours. Our bodies, Our confidence, Our skin texture or hair color, little things that we have in common with others, being able to capture and represent our bodies in a positive way, loved as they should be love for as beautiful as they are, that’s what makes me proud! Sure you’ll still get that demographic of people who will never be happy with anything that anyone does cause its not what they like or think. But I’ve learned not to take it personal (Though don’t get me wrong, sometimes i want to emotionally replay if you know what i mean). I’ve had many negative opinions about being a boudoir photographer, but at the end of the day, who can be mad at having woman and men look at themselves and fall in love with them again, Simply because they trusted me to take their photo, Sure in the hell not me! Despite the fact that some challenges do bring some amount of difficulty (cause you know, words hurt man and life curve balls are inevitable), I’ve learned to be true to your compass. When you can go to be at night with your head held high, you know your doing something good. Id like to think what sets me apart from others is me! You can have a gazillion photographers in a room, some new, some in the craft for a while, but what you wont have, is another me! It my energy, my vibe, my truths, that make me a me. My unwillingness to give up is how i keep getting to where I’m going, It helps to have an amazing support team too! Both I’m very grateful for to have in my corner being they are my biggest factors to help over every challenge. I believe i have many lessons to go, but i believe my biggest overplayed lesson is believe in yourself. You can literally do anything you set your mind to with just a little bit of belief!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
HAHAHAHAHA people come to Wisconsin for a couple reasons as Wisconsin as a whole, is AMAZING! The Great Lakes, being were on two of them! The winter trails, WHOMP WHOMP!!! And camping! Our week long trip would consist of some of the best fishing, hiking, and camp fire awesomeness! With endless miles of national state parks and a fairly huge decent amount of lakes to choose from. Each location is to be picked is captivating in its natural beauty. Lets not forget to mention lots of beer and cheese curds come with being a Wisconsinite 😉

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Honestly if it came down to three people id say; My highschool photography class teacher, though brief, his teaching impacted my life! We made a camera out of a cardboard box. Brown thick paper if you really think about it. I don’t remember much from the class (gosh i feel old) but I remember the feeling i felt making the box. Placing the the box on the ground and capturing my subject. (I believe i aimed for a motorcycle in the parking lot, lol) It was in the dark room that made my heart race! Putting that little white piece of paper in this water and watching an image appear before me, BOOM!!! Sparks ignited. Life happened throughout the years but that core memory is like hot coco after a snow ball fight. It just stays with you. My Mom and Grandma. Both Play very important rolls in my life. My grandma is what kept my imagination alive. I often hear her voice still playing like an old smooth vinyl record in my head. She had a voice! and she knew how to use her words. Poet at heart that woman, and did she use it well. I find her confidence and courage to embrace change, for she had been through it all, forever instilled within me. My mother, My biggest cheerleader, THE BEST GRANDMA, I couldn’t have a better best friend! She’s My Velma, My favorite shopping buddy! (Don’t make me cry!!!) We do everything together. Her continuous support, Her ability to bring balance into my life by just simply being there. She’s the best momma in the world. The best for last would be my home family. My soon to be husband and Our children. Its there love and support that keep me going. Their little eyes!!! OH MY GOSH, their little eyes! You see, Im a SAHM as well as a Boudoir Photographer, I have a 2 year old boy, soon to be 6 year old boy and a just turned 9 year old girl. They all, see me work at the computer between ALL the home life. They see me set up sessions and create props. They see me take phone calls, emails, marketing, you name it, I do it, They see it. They get excited!!! They encourage me with their helpful ideas and cheers. They come home from school ” hey mom, book anyone today” or “hey mom wouldn’t this be cool on your set” (The kids see the sets; disco balls or flowers, fuzzy blankets and pillows, sparkly things!) They sometimes see model release photos (fully clothed) and think they are models) They see me encourage and uplift woman from all backgrounds and diversities with more then just words. Through art. Through Emotion. Through vision. I see them daily, with small acts of kindness, pass on little pieces of what I do as a whole to their peers and surroundings, If that isn’t encouragement, i don’t know what is! If that wasn’t spectacular on its own, I also get to brag about my partner! Not only does he work full time, Opening his own separate business, He is literally my right hand man. I could NOT do any of this without him! He sees the ugly, and I mean the ugly, school girl, no water proof mascara, cry kind of ugly. Every one speaks the good, there is the dark side. He is my biggest support system. I’m also his biggest fan! He had this ability to make everything feel safe. He never judges my crazy out of the world ideas. He is the one who snoring on the rocking chair cause you said your 10th, “this will only take 2 secs”, He the one who when I want to give up, reminds me of who i am! I am so honored to have such a great support system as a business woman!

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