Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Mark Jordan | Artist, DJ and Film

At times in my life I feel like giving up on my dreams. In side I feel that I’m wasting time in what I love to do because of the many ups and downs I face with some people that don’t see the same vision I do. What keeps me going is some people I meet in this journey that has touched me in my heart and belive in me. Their are two people that come to my mind, one is Auther Mya Brooks. She passed away in January of this year, she was the one that blessed me with this opportunity to be apart of Voyage Phoenix Magazine to tell my story and she always called me to inspire me to keep going. The other person is a good friend of mine that has passed on Blackman Clay. An amazing man that has always been there for me mentally and spiritually through his teachings of the Seven Principles Of Life, #1-Do #2 Be #3 Exist #4 Cope #5 Truth #6 Love #7 Communication. Read more>>

Mary Lucking | Public Artist

Public art projects, by their nature, have to be fluid, since there are so many influences (engineering, community input, site changes, etc) that can impact the design of the piece. I always make sure I have a very clear understanding of the core of my project. That way, when I’m presented with a situation where I have to make change to a design, I can evaluate whether the change will impact what I’m trying to accomplish. If the change is incidental, or I can figure out a way to make it an improvement, great! But if the changes lead to a situation where they lessen the impact of the piece, it might be time to step back, evaluate the project as a whole, and see if there is a completely different way of approaching the project. Read more>>

Adrian Ramirez | Multidisciplinary Artist

When I think about what it means to “give up,” I find myself wavering between failing and moving on. I think “giving up” as a concept is stigmatized because people associate that with quitting. Although it’s accurate in many cases, I believe that we as creatives, professionals, and people, would benefit from identifying when it’s time to give up on something and move on. Sometimes, we lose interest in a project. Sometimes, our ideas turn out to be not as exciting or fulfilling as we had initially thought. And sometimes, we don’t play to our strengths and end up laboring over things that ruin the creative process. When these things happen, we need to make decisions. In understanding when projects/ideas/relationships are no longer serving us, we’re then empowered to make space for the things that do. Knowing when to quit is a skill, and it’s one that I think everyone can learn and take advantage of. Read more>>

Sam Gundie | Sports and entertainment Personality

The progress that I’ve made over the last couple years. When I first started my digital series it initially was an experiment to prove to myself that being a sports and entertainment personality was something that was really passionate about and not just doing because it Seemed cool. Ive always been enamored with the GRIND. I could never see myself giving up. There is so much more that I want for myself and its obtained three ways. God, Hard work work, and networking. Read more>>