There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories.  We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Ramon Gallego | Model

I believe that risk can lead someone to something that has been unexpected or something that has been highly anticipated. Risk taking plays a huge role in self investment and I believe more people should understand that. One has to take risks in order to prosper throughout life and the path they choose to pursue. If I would not have taken risks in my career, I would not be where I am today. Something good can always come out of a risk even if it was not what the individual hoped for. Read more>>

Adelyn Baber | Editorial Photographer

I would say the risk of being rejected has played a large role in my career and life because it led to many of my networking opportunities. I had to be OK with the risk of being told “no” in order to get a few important “yeses!” It led to big opportunities that lead to many aspects of where my career is now. My work could be considered a combination of conceptual style with an editorial flair. I get the most excited when I’m working with a creative team to create my images. Read more>>

Sherry Engler | Author/Illustrator

In my mind, risks and risk taking is one of the biggest obstacles as an author and illustrator. Questions plague my mind: “What if no one likes what I write?”; “What if my illustrations do not reflect what the client has in mind?”; “What if I look vulnerable for posting my feelings? Publishing my first book, “Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer”, was a risk adventure because I share the experiences of being a wife and mother to law enforcement officers on a very personal scale, an adventure of the heart. Read more>>

Valerie Foster | Author, public speaker

Everything worthwhile in my life has come with a risk. Risking failure, rejection, exposure is scary! And a certain level of terror is reserved for writers. Especially those who dare to write their own memoirs. Taking the risk of having my writing scrutinized and life judged was the boldest thing I’ve ever done. I am far from a dare devil, but I have a strange pattern of running in the very direction of my fears. I guess that defines “risk.” And so, when I had the opportunity to write not one, but two very personal books, I jumped into the deep end. Read more>>

Michele Neff | Hernandez: Non-profit Founder and Executive Director

Risk taking used to terrify me. I am a conservative person by nature, and I love safety! However, after the death of my 39 year-old husband in a cycling accident, my view on risk taking changed. After Phil’s death, suddenly the risk to NOT do something was more dangerous than any challenge I would face in order to follow a dream or try out a new idea. Faced with the reality of the brevity of life, the cost of not doing something I felt drawn to do was too high to pay. Once I decided to let go of the false sense of security to which I used to cling, life became an adventure. Read more>>

Dave Panozzo | Real Estate Agent

Some people don’t like taking risk. Risk can be looked at as a bad or good thing. Which side do you fall on? I have always looked at risk as an opportunity to advance myself or business. Risk taking is an art form and can become natural once you have gone through it a few times. Understanding yourself and how you think is very important during the process. Risk taking can be associated with different things like driving too fast, drinking too much, or having an unhealthy lifestyle. I have had both personal and business risks taken in past years. Read more>>