Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Ryan Furman | Plant Based Nutrition Coach

Mainly Plants is all about helping people see the importance of eating a whole foods plant based diet, as well as expanding that same philosophy into the rest of their lives, for the betterment of the own health, the betterment of the plant’s health, and the betterment of billions of animals worldwide. Imagine if everyone was 50% healthier; 50% better at fighting off viruses and diseases – especially right now. There’s no substitute for optimal health, and that’s what I try to guide people towards. A healthy community, no matter if it’s small scale, or a global scale, serves every living this, plant or animal, in a positive way. Read more>>

Karyn Hendricksen, MS | Owner of Karynelise Wellness/Creator of “Mindful Muscle Method”

My mission is to help individuals set themselves free from chronic pain that prevents them from living their best life. The “fitness” world is constantly sending mixed messages which often leads to confusion, over-exercise and possibly pain or injury. My program “Mindful Muscle Method” brings a new approach to movement. It incorporates deliberate, slow, isometric-type movement that is safe for nearly any-body. I have developed this program from over twenty years of working with individuals one on one as a Kinesiologist and Muscle Activation Specialist. I believe to truly gain lifelong strength that mindfulness, breath and movement are all imperative parts of the process. I know that pain and inability to move correctly can impact a person’s quality of life, happiness and confidence. I want people to know there is an answer and it’s an cost effective, safe and minimalist approach. Read more>>

Mary Vraa | Decluttering Author, Speaker, & Personal Guide

I have witnessed firsthand the unbelievable lightness of letting go what we no longer need, use, or want! Although 2020 was the start of interacting 100% virtually with my clients, I continue to hear from them about the clarity that develops when they harnessed the power of physical decluttering. It’s bittersweet to find ourselves at the crossroads of one chapter of life ending with the next one not fully fleshed out yet. Moving into uncertainty takes courage! But with dedicated focus to unwrap the emotions wrapped around our things, we are able to make peace with releasing our past. Now we can shift confidently into our future, knowing that we can choose how to shape this new chapter. How liberating is that? My message is universal but I particularly speak to women over 40. This age group is particularly poised for uncovering what their next passion will be: the kids are grown and (mostly) on their own, a career may be winding down or changing, and the same with a relationship. Read more>>