We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Lauren Madden | Mindset & Life Coach for Moms

Allowing myself to venture into the darkest parts of my soul and truly experience my shadows. Becoming a parent is a huge transformation, and it constantly brings up parts of my personality that I’m not necessarily proud of – things like impatience, control, resentment, anger, judgment, and selfishness. Because I’ve been involved with self-development work throughout my life, including therapy, coaching, yoga, meditation, and plant medicine, I have tools and resources that have given me a foundation to feel more capable of handling the challenges that being a parent throws your way. With this knowledge, I’m less reactive and able to be more present with my family, and really see the full picture of what’s going on. I think so many of us are living on autopilot and afraid to feel discomfort. We’re afraid to face the parts of us that we aren’t proud of, the parts of us that are fear-based. Read more>>

Jussara Sandoval | Jussara Sandoval / Arizona Photographer

As a parent the most important thing I have done in terms of impact on my children is teaching them a YES I can attitude. I want my kids to know that only limitation is yourself! The self doubt, fear, and lack of confidence on yourself if the only thing that can anyone back from what they want to achieve. With me being able to achieve my goal as a photographer I am teaching my children that they too can reach their goals. Read more>>

Derick Vogel | Founder and CEO Credit Absolute

Showing up! It is important to be there for them and do our best in showing our children what good habits are. I believe raising our children with a Christ centered mindset and heart is important too. Regardless of believing in God or Jesus, what Christ embodies and exemplifies through love, compassion, morals, and ethics gives us a strong foundation. This helps our children become aware of and understanding some of the most important aspects of life. Love, forgiveness, humility, gratitude, helping the sick and poor just to name a few. I see many parents and children on their phones having minimal or no interaction during the moments when it is most important. It hurts to see the lack of connection. Just going outside and hiking, playing in the park or a walk is extremely powerful. I also make it a priority to share educational books with our kids which include self-development and spirituality to assist with their inner development and emotional intelligence. Read more>>