Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Kary Sinkule | CEO & Founder of Yoga’s Arc

Yoga’s Arc was born out of a passion for outreach to help our communities. After practicing yoga for the last 25+ years, I began wondering how I could bring yoga to those who need it most- the overworked, the unable, and the under-served. To reach these people, convenience was the name of the game. The movement had to be fueled by flexibility and a willingness to join people in every step of the journey. So we thought outside the four walls of our studio and created Yoga’s Arc. We bring yoga to everyone, anywhere, anytime. Today, we’re even more energized to keep changing the mindset of what yoga can look like. To us, yoga looks like coworkers sharing in morning rejuvenation. Yoga looks like a healing breakthrough for a stroke survivor in her own living room. Yoga looks like serving recovery groups at the local hospital or teachers at a local school. Yoga looks exactly how you envision it. With more than 30+ instructors across the Valley, we’re growing fast, and we’re excited to meet people wherever they are in their yoga journey. Read more>>

Andre Harrison | Founder and owner

Minstrel King Entertainment presents a new opportunity for creative minds that was either non existent or difficult to find before. Bringing the power to more freely and effectively spread creative ideas, it empowers the community to continue to use their minds to push humanity forward to a more effective and enjoyable future. And it does not just stop at the community, because soon the entire world will have access. Read more>>

Janice Story | Equine Assisted Coach and Co owner/founder of The Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaching Certification Course

help people reconnect with themselves. It’s truly heartbreaking to know that so many people are struggling lately with anxiety, depression, addiction, and loneliness just to name a few. There has been so much isolation and loss of connection between each other, and our communities, but mostly the disconnection within our own selves, often leaving us feeling helpless. Through my Equine Assisted Coaching sessions, the horses are able to provide the clients a very safe and sacred space in which they can reconnect with themselves. The process of working with the horses often times will penetrate through tough walls and open up new pathways of hope, allowing opportunities for expansion, transformation and growth. Read more>>