We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kate Morton | Registered Dietitian & Funk It Founder

The world needs to start talking about periods, my name is Kate Morton, and I love talking about periods so much that I made a company for it, Funk It Wellness. Roughly 1/2 of humans will have a period at some point in their lives, but we are shamed into silence. Did you know that when you talk about your period, it can improve your health? Hear me out – if you suffer from heavy bleeding and cramps, but you think it is normal, you just suffer through it. If you talk to a friend about your cramps and learn they don’t have them, you realize it could be something to talk to your doctor about, and then you can get relief from your horrible cramps and live cramp-free. Funk It provides natural solutions for anyone struggling with PMS to feel better no matter what day of the month it is, but we are more than just physical products. I realized that period stigma runs much deeper than I thought, and the antidote was to talk about periods. Our goal at Funk It is to empower and educate anyone who will listen on how periods are fantastic. Read more>>

Liryc | Creative Director & Choreographer

The purpose of my work is to bring positive influence to the women of our community. I teach women how to self express and love themselves through the art of dance. Dance can positively contribute to a persons personal and social development, health, and mental well-being. I offer monthly classes where I challenge my students to bring out their alter ego’s and learn something new- like a sexy chair dance! So many people are privately dealing with depression and struggle with self love. I give these women a safe haven to come to where they can express themselves freely and explore a world they may not be familiar with yet. Read more>>

 Nick & Ashley Jensen | Musician and Entrepreneur

Strum University is a place for both kids and adults to come and be part of a community of students who love music and want to create, perform and interact with other like minded musicians. Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve been playing for years. we want our students to feel the connection that music brings when shared with others. Read more>>