There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Amber Alyssa Moulder | Spiritual Coach

Good or bad, I have always been a big risker taker. For example, after graduating college in the Midwest, I packed up all my belongings in my used four-door sedan and moved myself to Arizona. I only knew one person in the whole state. However, I also knew I wanted to live in a warm climate and figured I would find a job once I reached Phoenix. Starting a business can also be considered very risky. Personally, I feel that it’s easy to face risk when you follow your passion and with this new business, I am doing just that! Read more>>

Julia Galvan | Artisan jeweler

I always remember the saying without risk there’s no reward. My whole life I’ve been taking risks and I am so glad I did because all of my experiences came with lessons and rewards. By taking risks I have gotten a scholarship, jobs, traveled the US, prequalified for the Olympics. All because I took a risk. Including my business if I didn’t take a risk I would not be here today. Read more>>

Lanette Miles | Executive Chef & Business Owner

Anything in the food business is a risk. Walking away from my corperate career at the Ritz Carlton was a huge risk because I had no money to start my own business; however I chose to just take a leap of faith. That leap changed my life and outlook on the world forever. At the time, I had no money and no guarantee in the food business and that leap granted me the freedom to travel, no longer work holidays unless I chose to, and be creative with food however I wished. Read more>>

Anissa Kennedy | Lifestyle Blogger, Traveler, & GCU Employee

You know, it’s funny, no one’s ever accused me, or admired me, for being a thrill seeker. I consider myself a cautious person. I wear my seatbelt even if I’m only driving around the block. I’ve never been quick to fall in love. I am hesitant to jump on new trends. I avoid spending on unnecessary frivolities. And yet, because I was willing to travel solo internationally, buy my first home and make it a rental property during my twenties, and say yes to new job opportunities even if I felt inadequate, risk taking has catapulted me into exciting and challenging territories. I now deem those moments as pivotal and life-changing. Read more>>

Lexi Danser | Photographer, Creative Consultant & CEO

I’m a firm believer that life is about taking risks. I’ve followed this ideal my whole life, because the most rewarding things in life are often never easy. But they’re almost always worth it. I took a huge risk by creating my business. I left my corporate life with no warning, no savings, and a highly competitive job market in front of me. I created and manifested my business from Ideation to Launch, all in 4 months – which is extremely quick for a team of 1. Read more>>

Artu Nepomuceno | Professional Portrait, Fashion, and Advertising Photographer based in the Philippines

I grew up as a kid who’s decisions were almost purely based on emotions; if I wanted to do something, it was because I felt like doing it, or because doing it would make me happy. The “logic” in which I used to justify my feelings were completely biased. This proved to be a problematic (to say the least) attitude as I grew older, having to deal with personal confrontations, the reality of the world, and plain and simple the way business worked. I realized over the years that one of the very important things my emotionally driven self did not teach me was the ability to know, confront, and manage risk. Read more>>

Isaiah Hageman | Numismatist and Counterfeit Specialist

I think about risk as a factor of potential growth. When I take risks, I go in knowing that I’ll come out of the situation one of two ways: either it’ll be a success and I’ll know what works, or something will go wrong and I’ll learn from my mistake. I always look at a risk and evaluate the successful benefits and the consequences if the risk taking goes south and something bad happens. Read more>>