Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Christopher Oshana | Photographer, Father and Husband

There are many factors behind my success, one has been the support of the Arts Community, without their guidance, critique and friendship I would not have been able to make my project possible. “PTSD, The Invisible Scar” has been such a success, because of my Brothers and Sisters (fellow Veterans), they have are the ones the need the help and I have been able to bridge the gap between Veteran and Artist by allowing them to open up and be extremely candid with me during our interviews. The most important factor though is my ability to listen to the stories they have to share. Read more>>

Ryan Parra | Artist & Professor

My curiosity for life and passion to explore have to be the most important factors behind my success as an artist. My curiosity keeps my mind busy and my body in motion all day while constantly absorbing inspriation. My passion to explore takes my camera and myself to all parts of the world, helping me capture a sens of wonder in my photographs that feeds my viewes. Read more>>

Micah Bentley| Singer-Songwriter/Performer

For myself, I’ve come to value the most important factor behind success to be authenticity and quality. If what I’m creating is honest and authentic and good, then it’s usually successful. Read more>>

Tudor Alexander | Author

Consistency. In the end life is ruled by change, and even your vision today will one day evolve into something greater than you can imagine. Throughout this dynamic process, all you have is practice. Life is a practice. Sure, it is a journey as you have undoubtedly heard, but really it is a practice. A journey you can go on without being the driver, but practice requires your intention, repetition, focus and discipline. Goals are illusions, both in life and in business. They are necessary to string us along, but what you do before and after the goal doesn’t change – you are still practicing. Read more>>

Nikki Fanshaw | Brand + Web

Having success in a service industry business, like mine, all boils down to creating a cohesive and comfortable experience for clients. Often times, they are investing time and money into a rebrand or new website for the first time, and are excited but also a little nervous to have someone else step into their company to take over this project. My goal at Made by NF is to create a collaborative, approachable and fun experience for my clients, so they feel cared for and nurtured from start to finish. Establishing goals, having a strong project management system and being transparent really help with this–there’s not much left to question on the client’s end. Read more>>