Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

David Lopez | Owner & Creator of RunBuddy Mobile

The most important factor behind our success and brand is authenticity. RunBuddy Mobile was originally created out of my direct experience rehabilitating and training shelter dogs over the past nearly twenty years now. Every detail of the business, from methods to culture to establishing relationships, is from a place that is unique to that experience, passion, and mission to help dogs not only get adopted but to happily remain in their homes. I’m sure some people may look at RunBuddy Mobile as some quick ploy to put treadmills in a van and you suddenly have a business, but there is so much more than goes into it and you can’t fake passion and experience. We love what we do and spend all our efforts to do whats best for every single dog we have the pleasure to work with. Read more>>

Scott Jeffers | Traveler & World Fusion Artist

Thinking Out of the Box would be the most important factor in my success. Read more>>

Jody L. Miller | Equine Fine Art Photographer

Dedication and persistence. I took my first photograph of a horse in 1984. I have been dedicated to capturing the essence and connection between human and horse ever since. Even in the years when I took a break from photographing horses, I always carried the connection with me. Read more>>

Troy Pawleska | Marketing Director

Flexibility, many companies these days are failing because they have been doing the same thing they’ve been doing since they opened. Have a dynamic work environment built on change and flexibility allows my business to grow and change to what the market needs. Look at companies like Toys r Us they failed because they failed to look towards the future and think outside the box. Read more>>

Henry Archuleta | High level entrepreneur, producer and Influencer

The most important factor behind the success is investing in our staff, and when you do this the return is phenomenal. Whether its time, the money for equipment and lots of words of praise you get a wealth of return in the total fortune of a great team! Read more>>