The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Terrance Wilkerson | Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur

I used to follow the ideology of work life balance but now I just look at it as work life integration. Fitness rewarded me the lifestyle I have and my work doesn’t really have a clock in and clock out format. Read more>>

Danielle Janssen | CEO, Realtor, Investor

I’m not sure there is a thing called balance, yet, we all tend to strive towards it. The truth is, life ebbs and flows, some days are harder than others and we all just try to keep our head above the water. Read more>>

Chelsi Hand | Mindset Coach

Fun fact: I actually don’t believe in balance! I worked with an amazing coach a couple years ago that really challenged me when it came to me chasing after a “balanced life”. Read more>>

Casey Cole | Leadership Coach & Performance Consultant

I like to use the term “work-life health” instead of “work-life balance”. For so many of us, “balance” suggests an unattainable, magical state where we’re spending exactly equal time on our work and the rest of our lives, every single day. That is a wildly unrealistic goal and can make us feel like we’re failing at work, life, or both! Read more>>

Saraphina Violin | global electric violinist

As my brand grows, I spend more time focusing on promotion and advertising on instagram and tiktok. I spend time creating content and posting, as well as engaging with comments that people leave on my posts. Read more>> 

Dr. Alícia Goodman | Psychologist, Business Owner, and Mother

This question really spoke to me as it is something that I am constantly coming back to personally. My mother has always told me to strike a balance, to “sharpen the saw” as she would say, encouraging me to take time just for me. Read more>>

Emilio Jaliel Diaz | PR, Corporate Communications Professional & Amateur Photographer

Being at a PR & Corporate Communications career and depending on your industry it can be a pretty stressful one (ranked as o e of the most stress-rising professions along airliner pilot or fireman) [nervous laugh] Read more>>