We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Cade Nelson | Illustrator & Album Cover Artist

The most important factor leading to my success as an artist is surrounding myself with people and things that allow me to do what I love, being a perpetual student of life, and building my intuition. In the last 5 years after graduating high school up until now I’ve learned that people come and go and so do experiences… it’s important to know who’s around you and how they affect your life. My friend Gamo once said “You gotta know when to get on the bus and when to get off. Read more>>

The Guild | artists, craftsmen, makers, and fabricators

Intro idea Our passion for manifesting design in the physical realm comes from the undergraduate architecture program at The University of Buffalo. The exploration of the unknown and undefined comes from the graduate program at SCI-Arc. Although we experienced it at different times, the commonality of “nothing is impossible” is what built the working relationship. Over the years we’ve been through the growing pains of having our own business, getting acquired, developing new products, and leading a large group of people as well as teaching. Read more>>

Emily Kerr-Finell | Founder of Wholesale In a Box and One Mill School

Honestly, it’s that we always, always, always put people first (before profit or anything else.) Our easy system for doing this is that when we are deciding something, we always ask ourselves — how would we decide this (or say this) if we were speaking to our best friend? This seems to make a difference! We often hear from our customers how “human” we are (although it’s crazy this is a differentiator in business!) — folks say we are approachable, friendly, empathetic, and responsive. Read more>>

Selma H | AZSPECIALTEA Event Coordinator

Our company is based on what we have loved since we were young: music. We took our love and passion for music/artists and turned it into a way for fans to connect with each other. AZSPECIALTEA is still in its infancy but with the little time we’ve been running we’ve been able to connect hundreds of fans with our events. We strive to build communities between fans both locally and online. Read more>>

Matthew Goldby | Founder of Hoss Company

Everything we do is organic and we appeal to a wide range of people. Our audience reached a lot of different groups. Hoss is for everyone. Read more>>