We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Jessica Helgeson | Founder

The most important factor of the success of our brand this far I believe is quality and consistency. Quality has been a part of our foundation since the beginning. We filter all of our decisions through our quality standard to make sure we are providing the best fleur de sel in the world. Consistency for us is a daily struggle. We know that consistency in marketing and branding is so important. We created a set of brand guidelines and we use to help us stay track aesthetically. This document is game-changer; and if you don’t have one, you need one. We also try to always stay consistent with photographers and graphic designers. We believe this is so important so that our brand followers get to know us and what we represent and can pick us out even without our actual brand name on it. To me that represents brand consistency success. Read more>>

Andy Staples | Golf Course Architect

I was told early on in my work to find one thing you’re good at, and be great at that one thing. For some reason one of the things I’m good at is building consensus. You’re not going to build anything in the golf business unless you can get someone behind what you’re doing. I find more than anything, once I started to understand that building trust with my clients was as important as building creative golf courses, my business started to grow. Read more>>

Tony Aragon | Landscape, Storm Chasing, Wedding and Portraits Photographer

I think the most important factor behind what I do is my intention and eye for the shot I capture in the moments that are presented to me. It took me a couple years to realize this. When I say “intention” I mean taking the photo with an intention to tell the story I see, and capture the emotion in the landscape in front of me. I used to just go out and take hundreds of photos without this mindset of intention, but I noticed that those pictures just didn’t have that special element that provokes the emotion. I often ask myself in my mind,” What is your intention with this shot and what story does this photo tell?”. The pictures that are taken with a purpose are the ones that mean to most to me. Read more>>

Sabrina Miller-Castillo | Salon Owner & Hair and Makeup Artist

Culture and Environment. It’s nice to walk into the salon each day knowing it’s a judgement free zone; not only to each other as co-workers, but to our clients as well. We are a team that welcomes and accepts everyone. This quality does not come easy it’s something we work on together in team meetings, team building activities and individually. We don’t do things out of fear and fear of judgment and acceptance. The more you trust those around you the more you can accomplish and grow. Read more>>

Brandon Marshall | Photographer & Artist

I would absolutely owe my brands success, to dreaming, and planning! My goal started as a vision, which only existed in my mind. Every month I believe I am able to project even further my imagination into the world, because of planning everyday towards the bigger picture. Small, but “consistent steps” towards your brands goals… Read more>>

JT Blake | Mixed Media Artist

The most important factor behind my success has been the support of my husband and friends. Starting a new venture in my early 50’s was a frightening task to take on, but having a network of people who believed in me and my art made it a little more comfortable to put myself out there. As my brand has evolved, networking with like-minded artists closer to my niche aesthetic has enabled me to become even more comfortable and confident in creating the art I most enjoy, which has driven the continued growth of the business. Read more>>

Miguel Godoy | Artist, Art Educator & Muralist

The most important factor/s behind any of my success is showing up with a spirit of service and putting in honest, hard work. I am the first to start and the last to leave in everything that I do, most especially any creative projects. Most of my opportunities have come by word of mouth and I believe the ideas of “service” and “showing up” have been the key factors behind that. Read more>>