We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Sppike Mike Muellenberg | Hairy Scary Spice of Spice Pistols. Manager, Bassist, bringer Bass, cheer and swirling hips.

Risk for us has been the catalyst that created our brand. Without it we don’t exist. Yes taking a risk can be scary but this is art. And I’ve learned over the course of my lifetime that art is it’s own entity. So for me to execute art under the limiting illusion of what society calls success is completely out of line. Art, in and of itself, is successful no matter how it’s created or who creates it.Read more>>

Jordan Baeckman | J.T Photography LCC

I live by the motto if it scares you the hell out of you,then do it. That is part of how I achieved to get my business to where it is today. From taking the risk of starting, to raising my prices every year, and now my biggest risk to date, my studio. With reach risk you take, whether it is in life, or in your career, it comes with growth and/or an learning experience.Read more>>

Frederick Alphonso | Multi Hyphenated Creative Artist

Risk to me are small goals that can easily be accomplished once you put your mind to it. As a Multi Hyphenated Creative artist. My entire career is all about taking risk! Every decision is a risk. Read more>>

Jon & Missy Baatz | Small business owners, vanlifers, digital content creators

From a high end Information Technology job to the Appalachian Trail and owning my own fresh roasted coffee company. Risks have played a part of shaping my life and who I have become.Read more>>