We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Whitney and Steven Wiltbank | Dog Breeder

We believe puppies bring joy to their families. Our goal is to breed healthy, well socialized puppies with amazing temperaments and match those puppies with families in a way that is mutually beneficial to the families and the puppy. It’s so rewarding how our puppies thrive in such wonderful homes, and to see the joy they bring their families. Read more>>

Jimmy Hoselton | Chief of Brand

Two different branches within Grass Clippings. Grass Clippings Clothing and Grass Clippings Development. Items the development company is focused on that helps the community and the world would be the following, reduce water usage, reduce turf usage, give back land to the city, greater accessibility, greater community participation, and greater awareness of golf as a lifetime sport available to a diverse customer audience. We also are focused on different types of golf programing to help teach underprivileged kids, veterans and other community groups. Read more>>

Rose and Ryan Oldenburg | Camino Woodshop

Our name, Camino, means path, way, or journey, in Spanish. Supporting others along their own journeys is something that was important to us long before we started Camino. But in starting this business, which has been a journey in itself for us, we knew we wanted to use our means, connections, and talents to benefit more than just our own business. Read more>>

Veruska Santos | Acai Republic Goodyear

On a time where everyone is busy trying to serve what is convenient we are focused on serving what is REALLY best for you in a sense of healthy food. We serve the best quality ACAI BOWLS that comes directly from BRAZIL to us and we do our own very specific blends. We work with the most fresh ingredients such as fresh fruits delivered every other day and the highest quality toppings and our customers are welcome to customize and make the bowls the way they like using our blends and varied toppings. Read more>>