We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Grant Botma | Finance Expert & Best-Selling Author

Finances are a huge deal when it comes to relationships. The number one cause of divorce is money fights and there are countless number of dual income households or parents that don’t have relationship with their children that they want, because they’re required to work too much. Money is a big deal and it can impact relationships in a positive and negative way. Stewardship offers home loans, insurance and investments with wisdom and love. We handle the finances for people. so they can focus on what matters most. The things that they can control and work on, which is their relationships, their spouse, their children, their Church, their philanthropic endeavors, and their career. These type of things can in turn, help them make a huge impact on their community. Read more>>

Gabe Kubanda | Artist and Owner

I co-founded EduMusication with the intent of bringing modern music industry knowledge to music students and artists who may not know what it takes to succeed in the music business. In grade school, music instructors teach you how to play your instrument or to sing, but don’t really tell you what you can do with those skills in the real world. It’s treated more as an extra-curricular, a hobby. It’s been amazing to see the impact we’ve had over 750 concerts on 3 continents, and approx 300 EduMusication sessions giving that little extra shift in perspective on what is possible. It’s a rough time in the world right now, and I want to give people hope, that they can have a happy career that aligns with their passions and creativity. Read more>>

Danielle Evans Joelle McCasland | Owners of Fit Brands- FitLogisitx, FitX On-Demand & FitHygienx

At FitLogistix we design fitness centers and supply all the equipment. After Covid19 we realized that we needed to shift gears and be an expert in all things revolving around keeping our clients and their clients safe. We decided to immerse ourselves in the world of air and surface sanitizing, understanding how important it for everyone to exercise in a clean safe space. On that note FitHygienx was born. We have carefully hand selected products that from our research we knew would tackle the hard job of sanitizing each space we thoughtfully designed. Read more>>

Stephanie Studer | Commercial photographer and photo stylist

My business’s purpose is to help fellow business owners advocate for themselves through brand photography. I think businesses with beautiful images thrive, and if our businesses are successful, then our communities are stronger. Every business needs updated and high quality imagery…when it is custom, that is the best! Read more>>

Ben Lau | Owner

I am one of the owners of “Wild West Paintball and Airsoft Park.” My business is located in Mesa, a city in Maricopa County, in the state of Arizona. Paintball and airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by tagging them with gelatin shells filled with paint (paintballs) utilizing paintball guns. There are many people around the community, who do not like gun violence, especially in today’s society. As a business owner, in the paintball and airsoft industry, I am hoping to change the mindset of how some people look at guns into a positive way. Playing paintball and airsoft provides golden opportunities and benefits that are not just physical. It also promotes mental health. Major benefits and opportunities of participating in this active and invigorating sport include: Full-body workout, promotes weight loss and overall health, increases strength and endurance, increases confidence and interpersonal skills, releases stress, promotes team work and strategic planning, develops critical thinking skills, promotes good-nurtured competition, and provides excitement for the team participants. Read more>>

Shannon Gomez | Acupuncturist, Deck Creator, Entrepreneur

Rebel Deck LLC is a brand that creates spiritual and self-development tools that are real and relatable. The messages in these decks are very raw. Currently, there is a movement of Love & Light in the spiritual community, and while the intent is good, it can feel hollow. Rebel Deck is all about being authentic. People who are into self-work are digging deep and don’t need the pressure of being “high vibe” all the time. This deck uses language that people can relate to. It also cuts through the unrealistic standard that if you are just positive, life will be rainbows and unicorns. Life has ups and downs and acknowledging tough moments doesn’t make you less spiritual. I believe it makes you more. Rebel Decks is for all people, all the time, regardless of how high they vibe. Rebel Deck is a brand where you can meditate and also embrace lots of f-bombs. Read more>>