We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Nick Kalil | Rapper, Singer and Songwriter

I think it’s important for all people to understand that we all face adversity even if we have different struggles from one another. Music unifies everyone and positively affects the way we progress in society. Having a impact on people allows us to see what we can do despite the obstacles we will face. Read more>

Brian Laubenthal | Principal of ALINE Architecture Concepts

I decided at an early age that architecture would be the medium for how I would make a positive impact. In 7th grade English class at Pennfield Middle School I was given the assignment to write a paper about ‘What career do you want to pursue and how can it help the world?’ I remember thinking deeply about what I could be… Since I was young, I have cared about the environment and helping others in need. That empathy coupled with intrigue for design, fueled my passion for architecture. I started ALINE Architecture Concepts in 2010 with my good friend, Brian Krob. My career has been highlighted by projects that make a positive impact on our environment and community; volunteering with the Green Schoolhouse Series to develop green/healthy environments for children, donating services to remodel the Phoenix Ronald McDonald House to give families a better community space and kitchen. Read more>>

Promise To Myself | Alternative Pop Band

We like to think that our goal as a band is to provide a change in the world, not only through our music but through RnR. RnR is a memorial foundation based in Whitecourt, Canada that we love working with, every chance we get. Here is their mission statement; Ryder and Radek were known as exceptional athletic competitors and even better teammates. Through their ability to compete they learned many valuable life lessons. Due to the current economic landscape and growing cost of athletics, the opportunity for our youth to play sports has become less prevalent and in turn, more of a privilege. The R and R Foundation will set out to ensure that no youth in Whitecourt will ever be held back from exploring their athletic potential due to financial limitations. Read more>>