Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Narinder Kaur | Author-The Phoenix

Nobody has grown in life without taking any calculated risks. If you want to reach the zenith in your life then risks are very important in life and business.
In my life, I have taken big risks and it changed my destiny. In the society it’s said that our destiny is fixed and we have to live with it, I broke the norms of the patriarchies and created my destiny. Read more>>

Dalton Perez | Private Military Contractor & Business Owner

I feel risk is crucial and necessary to one’s business, or even quality of life. From the potential opportunities, to the humbling lessons learned, from even the slightest risks. Second, I feel you cannot authentically enjoy the rewards, without a high level of accountability. The military has shown me at a young age that success does not fall in your lap, you have to earn it, and many times that is in the form of risk. However, this does not mean you can successfully do so in a reckless manner and expect it to always result in success. Read more>>

Mary Theresa (Terry) Dietz | Fine Artist

You might say my whole career as a fine artist was and still is the biggest risk I’ve taken in my life. However, because I took this risk, I have gained so much more. Because being a fine artist is natural for me and something I can’t do without, I’m not even really sure I can call my career a risk I consciously took. As an artist, I was encouraged, from the time I was very little, first by my parents, then by various mentors along the way, and finally by my husband, Jeff. Jumping in with both feet, therefor, was made easier I am sure. Read more>>

Alexa Morales | Angelical Life Coach & Holistic Consultant

I believe that in order to be successful and achieve our goals, we have to take risks. I am from Venezuela, and I decided to come to the United States back in 1999, I was starting to have a stable job in Venezuela, and something came into my mind (call it intuition), and just left everything there and moved. I did have a plan, but the Universe always throws you something to see how you deal with it. Read more>>

Wyman Excavating | Wyman Grading and Excavating

Taking risk is necessary with success. I see risk as something that anyone doesn’t initially want to do. However once you get the idea/project started the creator is happy with the completion of the project and the success of there accomplishment. Also, when any business owner starts a company its ideal to brand yourself so that your company is able to stand alone from your competitors. The purpose of branding anything is so that the consumer can remember the company name. In order to brand properly, I believe its best to be as creative and risky as possible. People can appreciate something new and aesthetically pleasing. Read more>>

Joseph Lerner | Private Chef – Curate Cuisine

Risk is a double edged sword being extremely sharp on both sides. As the saying goes, “No risk, no reward.” stands very accurate and true. Risk can either spring-board you into a better future or risking to not risk will keep you stagnant. This will also lead you to regretting many things in life. Throughout my Chef career, I have moved, lived and worked in 8 different states in the nation. This wasn’t only for my progression but also doing Marriott Hotels & Resorts justice in having someone flexible as me that could pick up and go. Read more>>

Marisa Driver | Boutique Owner & Full time student

Risk taking has played a very important role in my career and life . I was a single parent with three children and I had to make it happen no matter what . Risk taking in life to complete your goals takes a lot of hard work and courage . Courage to face the unknown. Risks means a higher bet , a bigger win, a better outcome . Read more>>

Erica Sanchez | CEO & Founder / Franchise Expert

My focus is to create solutions to common issues in business ownership. I aims to create customized plans for companies to be able to franchise their operations with the least hassle possible. My firm handles the entire franchise development process, from inception to launch, including all marketing and sales material, as well as lead generation and sales. Small or large businesses, I can tackle them all! Strategic development is her forte, and doing business with me means doing business with a knowledgeable individual.” Read more>>

Ionia Wilson | Model and Community Advocate

I think risk taking has played a large role in my life and career. It’s the entire reason I am even in Phoenix. After prayer and fasting, my husband and I took the leap of faith and moved across the US to a city we never visited and had no family in. That one risk happened to be one of the best decisions of our lives. That gave me the confidence to pursue risks in other areas of my life, especially creatively. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started doing my own “photoshoots” with my husband on instagram. Eventually others reached out to work together as well. Although I had some past modeling experience in a different city, everyone I met in Phoenix was a new face. The reality is that modeling is a career of risks but my faith and a great support system keep me going. Read more>>