We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Chase Sossamon | Nurse Anesthesiologist – CEO Lifeguard Anesthesia

For years I tried searching for the right word to describe how a successful entrepreneur navigates the gray areas of business ownership. One day I was listening to a podcast on business and the speaker identified the word I had been looking for….. that being Prudence! Prudence describes the ability of an individual to make the right decisions when no clear decision is evident. When do I expand? When do I Increase My supply chain? When do I hire? When do I let go? None of these decisions are black and white. Read more>>

Megan Gladney | Business Owner

Determination. After fifteen years in male-dominated sales roles, I was always determined to meet, beat or exceed my sales goal. I always knew that nothing would just come to me and fall in my lap. Finding new ways to market and sell a product have always been my strong suit. Finding unique niche markets to sell too have always helped me succeed. Picking up the phone, knocking on a door or using the internet to find opportunities have been taught to me in sales trainings. Hard work and listening to the needs of your customers will go a far way in your success. There will always be bumps in the road but if you have a strong determination, nothing will get you down (for too long). Read more>>

Caroline Axen | Home Baker & Young Entrepreneur

As someone who accidentally started a small business by the age of 14, it is hard to name one single thing that led me to success, but I will say that the success of my business all lies in the fact that I love what I do. As I have grown as an individual and as a baker, my business has grown with me and at the pace I have wanted to grow at. I’m a strong believer that success does not come overnight and takes hard work, and luckily for me when you love what you do, hard work comes just a bit easier, but in my case specifically my passion for baking grew and in result it created a business. Read more>>

Emily Paxton | Party decorator

The most important factor in starting my business would be my family’s support. They have helped financially here and there as well as physically and emotionally. Starting a. business has been a lot of up and downs so it’s good to have a support system behind you to push you through the bad days. My mom and sister have come with me to events when I need an extra hand and out up with me wanting it to all be perfect, so scant thank them enough for that. I don’t think I would have kept pushing my business or brand with out there help and support. Read more>>

Frederick Thomas | Personal Injury Attorney

My theme or tag line is “making the law personal.” That describes my attention to each case and client, I handle every matter myself from initial consult to resolution. My clients have direct access to me. Read more>>

Vinyl Vixen | Co-Owner & Installer of Wrapsesh, and creator of Vinyl Vixen Wraps.

Authenticity and Consistency go hand in hand as the culprits behind the success of our business/brand. Staying true to ourselves, and our word, while always giving our absolute best has made us stand out above the rest. Read more>>

Sam Seavey | Assistive technology expert and visually impaired YouTuber

Having a positive attitude. I could probably also say determination, but without the positive attitude to roll with the punches and keep moving forward, determination alone would it be enough. Creating and building anything can be difficult, then try adding vision loss on top of it! Without a positive attitude, it would be impossible. Read more>>