We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Janessa Milan | Integrative Health Coach

Milan Athletic Club is a woman owned and operated business striving to teach women how to live an empowered, balanced, healthy life through physical fitness, nutrition and community. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the “health industry” and the “fitness industry” and my goal is to connect them. I am a firm believer that one’s mental health / mindset directly affects their physical health. I do so by creating a space for women to feel comfortable, supported and safe to be their truest authentic self. Read more>>

Corrie Whisner | Associate Professor of Nutrition at Arizona State University

The Snuggle Bug / Acurrucadito Project is a National Institutes of Health-funded research study that will help us reduce obesity among children in the future. Being overweight in infancy and toddlerhood is a growing public health problem. Almost 10% of infants and toddlers are overweight; this increases their risk for childhood obesity and chronic disease during adulthood. Read more>>

Christa Lapinig Recio | Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, Army Veteran, Mom.

Fearvana Yoga at the moment dedicates 5% of profits, fund-raisers, and community classes to the Fearvana Foundation, which is a 501c3 dedicated to finding causes and charities in some of the darkest corners of the world that gets the least exposure and funding to give to those in need. I hope one day to increase that percentage. Some of our projects encompassed building the first sustainable school in post-war Liberia, empowering sex-trafficked young women in India, or rehabilitating former child soldiers in West Africa. We will pick a cause monthly or bi-monthly where donations will go to a tangible and transparent item or specific purpose. Donations will never go to admin costs, vague, or unknown purposes. Read more>>

Melanie Verstraete | Mentor | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

My purpose and my passion is to change the cultural narrative for people all over the world. The narrative right now is extremely toxic and unhealthy. It’s a narrative of self betrayal, self loathing, fear, manipulation and control, a complete disconnection from the divine masculine, the divine feminine, ourselves all other living creatures and Mother Earth. We are completely at odds with ourselves and each other, we feel this turmoil because we are disconnected from the truth of naturalness of who we are. In my business I help people come back to wholeness, heal from the wounds that they have been carrying, understanding that they are not anything that happened to them in the past, nor does it define them, Read more>>

Olimpia Barbarulo | Co-Founder of Springtide

Springtide has been initiated by Olimpia Barbarulo and Jonathan de Bosscher, in March 2021 with the aim of supporting the Kesho Congo NGO in their daily fight against child malnutrition and hunger. Kesho Congo is situated in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, and it was created by the pediatrician Doctor Adolphe Nyakasane, who devoted his life and career helping his community. The Kesho Congo NGO operates in the region of South Kivu, where the rate of chronic malnutrition is 61%, causing: death, infirmity, chronic vulnerability to diseases, intellectual disability and other harmful factors to the development of children and the future of the affected communities. Read more>>

Kedisha Clayborne | Pet Treats And Products Small Business Owner

My business helps the community and or the world because I feel that when we’re sad or happy or lonely or scared, our pets can sense that and they’re always there to comfort us without thinking twice. Our pet treats provide that same love and thought for your pets. We put love and care in every product or treat we provide for your fur babies in hopes that we can spread the love to our pets without second thought just as our pets do. Read more>>

Candie Castillo | Reiki master, bio-field energy therapist & sound healer

We facilitate movement, healing and restoring balance where one may be experiencing stagnation. It can concern anything we may experience as a restriction or barrier on our life’s journey Supporting the body mind and spirit, we focus on energy, frequency and vibration. Energy, it is everything. We are energy. That is all there is to it. Read more>>

Cheryl Shaffer | CEO/Owner

My business trains individuals to protect the community. In the world we live in protection is important, it is also extremely important to have responsible and trained people to fill those jobs in. My company is the reason why so many security guards know the rules and regulations needed to serve and protect the community. Read more>>

Franceasca Seiden | Writer & Healer/Alchemist

When I began SAHA (Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts) in 2017 it was right before the #metoo movement really took off and right before Sexual Alchemy became acceptable to discuss on social media. I was getting out of a toxic relationship and realized the amount of energy I was spending focusing on anything other than myself. At that time I was running Laicreatives a digital publication and boutique marketing agency, my job consisted of attending a lot of events and socializing. I started to notice that most of the people who I was having conversations with me were experiencing similar strifes. It seemed like even random strangers were coming up to me and sharing their relationship issues.  Read more>>

Mikayla Hollrah | Animal Lover

According to American Humane, “Each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters. Tragically, only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats in shelters without ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners.” If you’re a pet lover like me, losing your pet can be a terrifying experience. Hi, my name is Mikayla, and I own and operate Proper Pet. A handmade pet tag business dedicated to helping pets stay out of shelters. Read more>>

Marissa Swavel | Founder, MSLB

The average person will keep a single piece of clothing for 1-3 years of their life. At Radicalthrifts, one of our main goals is for people to wear, love and keep their clothing for a lifetime, and possibly even hand it down. We give old clothing new life. Almost weekly we save upwards of 60 lbs of clothing from the landfills. That’s over 3,120 pounds of clothing a year being recycled and going to a new and loving home. Not only is our business reducing the effects of climate crisis, but we also share memories of nostalgia through people’s childhood fashion. We want everyone to relive their best memories through their original vintage clothing. That shirt you regret donating when you were 12, but we saved from the landfill 30 years later. Yeah, we have it. Read more>>

Fernanda Carvalho | Herbalist, Aromatherapist, agroforestry designer and CEO of Lokelani Essentials

We grow all of our Lokelani Roses organically and sustainably alongside many other herbs and trees. Which allows us crafting all our products with a homemade touch and love. Products from Mother Nature on your skin. We also donate 2%of our profits to some agroforestry projects in Brasil in order to restore the forests. Read more>>

Harmony Shumway | Dog Trainer

Our business focuses on the dog’s that most people wouldn’t want to save. The fearful, aggressive, feral dogs that take time and understanding. We work with rescues that have dogs that need work before they’re deemed adoptable. We also make a point to focus on educating the public on how to have a great relationship with their dogs through fun, structure, and boundaries. Read more>>

William Claypool | Researcher

I started my instagram page, flippin_history, to help answer historical questions I and others have. I found many people felt many things we are taught didn’t really make sense and after I began my research into our ancient past everything began making sense. Knowing people in the world feel the same way, I set out to post my findings, sharing them with the world leaving them open for discussions. Read more>>

paula godwin | Photographer/boutique owner

I believe in the power of positivity and how you treat people. I love a quote I once heard the power of positivity toward others makes for a great leader. Read more>>

Kylie Delgado | Seamstress

One of the main reasons I started making canna accessories is to help break the stigma around this amazing plant. My hope is my canna bags and accessories will spark conversation about cannabis, and give those of us who use cannabis a chance to educate others on its healing properties. Read more>>