We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jack Smyth | Tiktok Creator

I make videos that revolve around the adventures I’m having. My hope is that they encourage others to get out and create their own adventures. Read more>>

Jess Lee | Photographer

One of the main reasons I chose to start photographing professionally was to show people the beauty and uniqueness of wild places and wildlife. I knew that if our society could see the wonders of our natural world there would be more desire to save it. Read more>>

Alexis Plyler | Licensed Esthetician & Laser Technician

My business helps the community by transforming a person from the outside in. This is why I named my Studio “Beautifully Reborn”. I wanted the name to have a meaning and reflect a person’s transformation from seeing their beauty on the outside as that transpires the feelings we have about ourselves inside. Those two words have so much meaning to me personally as well. Read more>>

Rhonda Peoples | Founder of Empowering Women Alliance

Empowering Women Alliance opens the door for women to find their voices and share their stories with the world. The more stories are told the stronger voices become, we start to come out of our heads and into our hearts!! Read more>>

Naimisha Chakravadhanula, Sruti Peddi, Praneetha Tangalpalli N/A | Naimisha: Student and Advocate; Sruti: Student and Debater; Praneetha: Student and Artist

Civication was created to introduce fellow high schoolers to the world of politics through enhanced civic education and unbiased information. Whether it’s through our webinars, our journal, or even our posts, everything Civication does serves one of two purposes: inform and involve. Read more>>

Melissa D. Barry | Brand strategist, Holistic wellness advocate & podcast host

Wahayu agency: we help Companies & NGOs gain a unique and distinctive identity in the Conscious Living space by offering purpose-driven brand strategy and identities as well as digital design: logos, websites, etc. Read more>>

Amy Fredrikson | Partner: Audra Freitas VibeBox Curated Gift Box Company

When we came up with the idea of starting a curated gift boxing company, we knew that supporting local makers and artisans was a priority and became our first vendors we tapped into to get us rolling. Those goods are among of our favorites and most popular with our buyers. Read more>>

Repeka Avegalio | Wiki- Licious Chandler owner & professional juggler 😉

Small business has been the cornestone of our communitues. Local life focus can be lost when we’re disengaged with what surrounds us. My business helps the community by allowing me the opportunity to be an entrepeneur and grow. We get to know many other local businesses, organizations & help support them as well. Read more>>

Evan Bliss Bliss | Design Dir. & Owner – Studio Bliss

Cannabis is still federally illegal and needs to be decriminalized before being federalized. The industry itself is also a movement of sorts until this happens, Read more>>

Deena Ross | A/E/C Marketing Consultant and Owner of Ross Consultants, LLC

Writing proposals and providing marketing support to the construction community allows opportunities for more contractors, including small and minority-owned businesses. Read more>>

Kaveria Lezza | Founder/CEO of nonprofit Building Love Amongst Cultures & Naturopathic Doctor Student

I’m not superwoman but my business does help save the world. Emphasizing the definition of “community” my organization, Building Love Amongst Cultures (BLAC) is a not-for-profit business whose mission is to unite the community through building critical consciousness and cultural competence foregrounding the aspirations of individuals. Read more>>