We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Michele Liggett | Educator + Self-Care & CBD Advocate

I am obsessed with habits and routines!! I have routines for everything from workouts to skin care. My morning routine is non-negotiable – it helps me get grounded and includes: celery juice, meditating, stretching, a healthy smoothie and CBD. For me, the consistency of these daily habits (plus many more!) keep me balanced and feeling my best so I can focus on moving my business forward. Read more>>

Michael McAllister | Reptile Educator

When starting our business it was extremely tough! Creating an idea was easy as we knew what we wanted to do and that was teach the public about reptiles. However, to do this it requires insurance and Tegan Viveash my girlfriend and co owner was on phones every day calling tons of insurance companies to find someone that would provide us insurance. We found someone! Then after that it came to pricing. We knew what others were priced so undercut those prices by half and advertised ourselves heavily on google. Read more>>

Ashley Delonas | Ashley Delonas with Mountain Girl Studios

I have only succeeded by developing habits, rituals and routines that serve me. I often get described as a highly-motivated person but for me motivation isn’t what’s building the success in my art business, self-discipline is. You have to be disciplined enough to force yourself to work every day, grow and learn and I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life doing just that. I thrive on routine, and calculated risk taking. To really grow as a creative entrepreneur, you have to be the one who shows up for yourself and consistently puts in the work for yourself. Nobody else wants your success or happiness as much as you do. Be your own hero… 😊 Read more>>