We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Brittany Hall | Wedding Photographer & Videographer

The most vital component of our success is the desire to provide excellence and gratitude for the adversity. We are in the business of documenting wedding days filled with irreversible and unrepeatable memories. The entirety of our brand is built around the desire to give better to others than what we received in our wedding photos. Through experiencing the tragedy of hiring an inexperienced creative, we learned how to strive for excellence in quality. Read more>>

Samantha Gwazdauskas | Nutrition Coach and Body Confidence Advocate

Authenticity. Genuine connections and genuinely wanting to help others. Read more>>

Imran Hassan | Photographer

How we measure success defers for everyone. For me it is accomplishing a goal or a specific purpose. I got my first DSLR and started photography about a year ago. I was new to dslr and post-processing. Fundamentally believing in something, removing the negativity from around you and keeping at it is the key. Also, it helps if you love what you do. I loved the process and that pushed me to explore and learn more. I still learn. But I do think I am better than what I was 1 year ago. I think the path to goal maybe is a bigger struggle than achieving the goal. So motivation helps some of the times, but discipline and consistency takes you places for sure. Read more>>

Elizabeth Brooks | Owner & Founder | Virtually Brooks Agency

I feel like following my own instincts, regardless of what everyone else was doing, caused me a great amount of success. Success is measured and looks different for everyone. But when I ended 2021, and the numbers showed I tripled my business, I felt like I could celebrate that as a huge success. Following my instincts to continue to grow and expand my team from 4 assistants to 18 assistants contributed to that next level of success. Read more>>