We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Shasta N. Broadus | Personal & Professional Business Development Executive

Capital Stewardship was created for the personal and professional development of the small business owner and entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the fabric of America and I know that if I can help our small business owners personally and professionally develop in turn that will help them grow their business and give them a fighting chance in the marketplace. Read more>>

Drex | Flow Arts and Poi Spinning Content Creator

I think in several ways: The first is that by teaching people a difficult physical skill, it gives them a feeling of empowerment and self worth. One of my favorite moments is when I see someone learn a new trick for the first time and you see them go from thinking something is impossible to it being possible and just for a moment it’s like the entire world opens up for them. Read more>>

Zach Miesuk | Co-Found of TreeHouse Studios LLC

The goal has always been hyper-focused on building a strong community. Whether that be a community of artists, a community of friends, a community of supporters, and so on. We are nothing without each other. The human experience means nothing if not shared with another person, or community. Instilling confidence in our community is important. If we can help each other be our best selves, and inspire one another to reach our goals, I don’t see how we won’t. There’s an overwhelming power in numbers. Read more>>

Troy Gregory | Hyper Creative/Innovator/Business Owner

HVMAN is a multimedia platform that encourages people to find truth in another person’s perspective, bringing people together one culture at a time. We conduct one on one interviews that are both thought-provoking and inspirational, providing a platform where people can get their life stories and perspectives heard. There are several ways for people to interact with HVMAN one way that unites people is another segment we have for HVMAN called HVMAN [Campfire Sessions]. Read more>>

Ricardo Jimenez | Animation Instructor & Founder – RJ ANIMAITON

It’s very important to help people come together and form strong community’s by creating good connections, building great relationships and learning new ways to improve personal growth from each other. That’s is what animation is all about. Coming together, collaborating as team of wonderful artist from Phoenix,AZ or around the world. I believe this is RJ ANIMATION mission and goal. Read more>>

Jonathan Badiaco Randi Matalas | Realtor & Local Area Expert

Our business helps the community because we view ourselves as local area experts….. not just Realtors. When people come to us, we don’t just show them nice home options, we infuse their specific lifestyle to areas that we think would fit that person best. Not only do we want our client’s to have a nice home but we want them to be comfortable and exited about the community and what that lifestyle has to offer. Read more>>

Irene Smith | CrossFit Level 2 Trainer & Nutrition Coach

CrossFit gyms around the world are unique in the fact that they are a community within themselves and CrossFit Prescott Valley is not different. We take pride and our humbled with the fact that when you walk in the door of our gym you are taking a step to find the healthiest happiest you and you get to do it with a group of like minded people with a common goal of health. Read more>>

Julie Dennis Fox | Founder of Canna Joint Relief with CBD

From a young age I knew that whatever I did for work, I would have to do something that was a positive contribution. Something to support health and healing to individuals and the natural environment we live in. At the age of 15 I “discovered” herbalism and from then on I knew that was it. I realized at a young age that the more we take care of our bodies, minds and souls, with a healthy and natural lifestyle, everyone benefits not only the individual but the natural environment as well. Read more>>

Mickael Pourteau | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Takatso is a multidisciplinary engineering and project management enterprise founded in 2018 in South Africa. The company provides interventions in access to water, energy and food thanks to its tailored engineering solutions approach. Takatso’s mission is to provide safe drinkable water, energy and food to people living next to a water source (boreholes, lakes, dams, rivers, seas, estuaries & oceans) and do not have access to it. The solution also applies when a rapid hydric stress situation occurs to respond to an urgent need on site. Read more>>

Christopher Carbone | Health Coach and Writer

I decided to become a health coach because I have transformed my own health — physically and mentally — over the last decade. It’s my goal now to pay it forward by sharing what I have learned from my own research and studies, from doctors I’ve learned from and through trial and error. At the heart of our problem as a society is this: Many people are brain fogged and addicted to sugar. When people are in this state, they are usually mean and short-tempered. Read more>>

Maria Gonzalez | Arizona Medical Provider & Bartender

In Fall of 2019, I had an idea of creating my own mobile bartending service. I didn’t have a business plan, structure or funding. I never thought about what will I loose to gain rather how will I get to my success. This is what I really want, I’m going to be my own boss. My business helps out the Undocumented Community with supporting our youth. With every booking, drink and event that I serve, as Barra Maria, I am funding scholarships for Undocumented Students, Mothers, Fathers. Read more>>