A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Diego Vallejos | Visual artist known for custom and memorial oil paintings

Growing up abused and impoverished in Costa Rica, I would spend as much time outside as possible, within the rainforest surrounding my tin-roof house. Inspired by natural life, free in their environment, I began to paint my surroundings as an escape into my own world of art. Moving oil around the canvas feels amazing, and my work often strikes emotions connected to a special place, one that speaks of adventure, or home. It is there that I focus on a subject, if the space so calls for one to inhabit it, and glaze each new layer adding light, life, and the inkling of a memory. The paintbrush, harnessing the pain of my youth, seeks not to erase it, but by overlay, works to create new meanings. Through my art, I want people to see not only that life is precious and should be cherished, but that there is also hope for the forgotten. Read more>>

Sheila Steger | Veterinarian Technician Assistant

I am inspired by nature and being outdoors. I have been in Arizona for almost 6 months and the wilderness nature is something I have never experienced, most of my life I grew up on the east coast, and it has sparked me with new creative ideas. I am in process of currently starting my YouTube channel back up where I’ll take people along the adventures I take in nature. Read more>>

Jayde Anderson | Film Director

I am inspired by authenticity, true stories and overcoming struggle. I admire people who do not let hurdles get in the way of their dreams and figure out a way to overcome any situation. Read more>>