We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Abby Charles | Speaker, Philanthropist & Advocate

Instantly when I read this question I said, “Jesus”. Having faith in a higher power being the guide to my life gives me peace even during the dark times because I know there is always a light in all tunnels. Even if I do not see it, it is there for me to have in my mind and heart. Allowing this concept to be a part of my psyche gives me a tenacious joy that is quite evident when you meet me. Read more>>

Dave Bentley | Owner/ Dave Bentley Photography

Capturing special moments and emotion, and freezing that moment of time through photography makes me happy. Photography takes us back to a specific moment in time, and can also reinvigorate our other senses. You can remember smells/tastes, and other things from that moment or event sometimes just by seeing a photo. Seeing someone’s smile can you remind you of a special time. Read more>>

Taylor Fareri | Owner, Blue Fir

I am happiest when I am creating! There is something about sitting down, working on something and seeing it through. Art doesn’t always come out the way you planned, but that is half the fun! Read more>>

Danielle Walker Olson | Owner & Artist Walker Olson Hairdressing

Mentoring the next generation of stylists brings me great joy. Taking that next step from cosmetology school out into the job market is often so challenging many graduates end up in low paying salon jobs or leaving the industry all together. Taking time to work with new artists not only reignites my passion for the industry but ensures that young people will gain a pathway to being successful. Read more>>

James Patrick | Internationally Published Photographer & Best Selling Author

I’ve come to learn that happiness is fleeting so I no longer pursue happiness, but I will pursue fulfillment. And fulfillment is not conditional. For a large portion of my life I believed it was. I would tell myself things like “I will be happy when…” and then would fill in the blank with earning a certain amount of money, doing a certain style of work, having a certain type of lifestyle, being involved with a certain type of person and so forth. Read more>>

Andrew Hooper | Through The Hoop AZ Photos

Being out in nature and the great outdoors. There are so many amazing places here in Arizona from Southern Arizona grasslands to 9000 ft mountaintops. With wetlands and deserts in between. The wildlife and the quiet from exploring and finding new places is so rewarding. When you find a new place to use in your photography its like winning the lottery when all the settings work in your favor. Read more>>