Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Zach Rohe | Professional Photographer

I wanted to take my photography to another level professionally. By starting my business I constantly have to improve and learn to be the best in my craft. I love the challenge of providing the best photos and experiences I can, it’s motivating and fun. Read more>>

Steve Chadwick | Portrait and Sports Photographer

I’ve always enjoyed photography. I know that with my own children, when I capture that certain moment, they are so excited. Whether it’s a fingertip catch that turns into a touch-down for my son, Read more>>

Katie Steward | Founder + Creative Director

I spent about a decade working in the advertising industry and while I like the work, I didn’t like the agency experience or the process and chaos that came with doing the work. Read more>>

Ike Bancroft | Dig Deep Tours Owner & Guide

At the root of everything, my decision to start my own business was my desire to express my own creativity. I’m inherently a person who always thinks (maybe even overthinks…) about every possible way a thing can be done, and if the way it is currently being done is truly the best. Read more>>

David Wildman | David Wildman, ChPC President/Founder Ace Volleyball Club, BTG Sports, First Attack Apparel, Volleyball Coaches of Canada

Ever since a little boy I always liked the idea of beating to my own drum. I would always go to the library and take out books on how to make money. During the summer months I was that boy with the lemonade stand, cutting grass, and/or washing cars. Read more>>

Jacqueline Fulcher | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I have been fortunate to have the support of many excellent supervisors throughout my career. When it came to my decision to branch out on my own, it involved my desire to create and run my own business which reflects my values and passion for psychology. Read more>>

Jay Hagen | Frisbee Enthusiast

Starting this business was an obvious choice. We have been servicing the disc golf community for roughly 5 years. 2 years ago is when we filed for an LLC. Almost 1 year ago was the grand opening of our retail store. We were fortunate enough to find a niche market to move into with enough support to survive. Read more>>

Jodee Bock | Thought Leader, Life Purpose and Career Coach, and Accidental Entrepreneur

I call myself an accidental entrepreneur because it occurred to me after one of my bosses told me, after hiring me for a position called Leadership Development, that what I did was “touchy-feely crap that made him puke.” Read more>>

Simone Colbert | RN

I initially was brainstorming ideas of how to make a side business to my full time job. Because who doesn’t love a little extra cash! I started thing what was something I could accomplish with my schedule and do well. Read more>>

Ken Strieby | Fine Landscape Photographer

I’ve always been an Entrepeneur I had my own auto paint repair business for 25 years but my real love has always been photography or really anything artistic since a young age. Read more>>

Cory Missall | Costume Designer and Entertainer

The concept was first created by my family when I built a custom Batman costume and wore it to the local Fall festival and it caused adults and kids to all gather around for photo opportunities. Read more>>

Holly Smith | Virtual Assistant Agency Owner

I think deep down I had always wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be free to pursue ideas and also be responsible for providing the level of service I wanted to represent. Read more>>

Bethany Hicks | Photographer

My thought process for starting my own business was a pretty simple one. It started with me finding a passion for photography. After forcing my friends and family to be my models for a few years they started to ask me to take the photos they needed and then they began to recommend me to other people. Read more>>

Dori Enzler | Portait Photographer & Business Student

From as long as I can remember, I wanted to have my own business one day. As I was growing up, I looked up to my dad as a role model as he is an entrepreneur himself. Read more>>

Erin Scott | Owner of One Shot Scott Photography

When my son was born 14 years ago we were surprised at birth with his cleft lip/palate and club foot. The first few weeks were a whirlwind meeting with specialists and learning all about everything that was about to be thrown our way. Read more>>

Christina Pappion | Live Wedding Painter & Professional Artist

Someone I used to work with thought I was a great artist and asked me if I event thought of painting live at events. I didn’t even know what that was. But after looking online and researching I definitely thought this could work for me. Read more>>

Harry Yu | Miss Dessert

Back in 2012 when I was still an international student at Texas A&M University, I was really missing the taste of my hometown. But I couldn’t find the taste that I was missing anywhere in Houston. Read more>>

Mark Candelaria | Architect

I had been a partner in a very successful architectural firm for some 12 years but that firm was headed more towards commercial work and my passion was with residential work and in particular custom homes and the closer mor intimate relationships that come with that type of work. Read more>>

Jesus Llamas Jr. | Strength/Conditioning Specialist & Event Host

A dream of starting my own business came to me when I was fighting for primary custody of my daughter back in 2018. Throughout the days of travel and in between court dates it always weighed heavily on my mind how I wanted to create something that could affect change, something that could still possibly exist even after I am gone. Read more>>

Becky Sanback | REALTOR

Several years ago I was feeling like I had stagnated in my career and wanted a change. My dream was to find a career that would give me the freedom, with regard to both finances and schedule, to give back to communities in need. Read more>>

Alexis Edmonds | Music Therapist, Life Coach, & Music Instructor

I decided to start my own business to be able to utilize all my skills to support the community while being able to build my own schedule and allow for my better work life balance. Read more>>

Fleece & Thank Ewe Fiber Worx | Fiber Artists & Entrepreneurs

Fleece & Thank Ewe Fiber Worx is a beloved hobby turned business venture. After creating too many skeins of yarn, Carrie Kathryn (CK) decided it was in her best interest to sell some yarn to make money and continue the hobby. Read more>>

Jill Weir and Stacy Jones | Co-owners, Another You X2

As busy working mom’s, Jill and Stacy often thought “If I could only have another me!” Their friendship began working as college interns for a large corporation many years ago. Read more>>

Pete Stevens | Musician

We decided to start Crystal Casino Band LLC to officially kickstart our band taking our music seriously. We wanted to be able to track our income and expenses and be able to use the money our music makes to fund our passion. Read more>>

Sue Lundquist | Teacher, Advocate, Author, Chief Inspiration Officer, Intl Radio host Win at life, and create a culture to be proud of personally and professionally

Overcoming my traumas taught me alot and I knew what I learned could make a difference. Like you, I desire an abundant life and lifestyle. Read more>>

Amber McCrory-Martinez and Juan Gabriel Martinez (Dr. Gabe) | Pediatric Counselor and Pediatrician

Dr. Gabe and Counselor Amber (both): Our thought process behind starting our own business was to be able to provide care to children based on current medical and psychology research. Read more>>

Sara Sainvilus | Founder of Self-Care Satdai | T-Shirt Supplier

Self-Care Satdai is a brand that focuses on reminding everyone to practice self-care every Saturday. Satdai is short for Saturday. Read more>>

Whitney Simmons | Entrepreneur & Nurse

The thought process behind starting my business is to have time freedom, build an emperor for my family and serve my community. I grew up in a family where we struggled and didn’t have much ownership of anything. Read more>>

Brooke Barrett | Designer + Stylist

BROOKE BARRETT was created to provide eternal belongings for your forever wardrobe, celebrating the simplicity of daily rituals, light and movement. Read more>>

Tristen Barker | Candlemaker

I’ve always been a pretty creative person. My senior year of high school six of my eight classes were all elective art classes. There’s just something magical about creating something with your hands, your heart and your mind and it’s incredibly fulfilling. Read more>>

Kaitlin Dunley | Silversmith & Creatrix

Haha. Well, I needed freedom, and specifically, wanted to travel. I knew I had the ability to create something sustainable with my talents (as we all do) so I went for it. Read more>>

Jason Vadovich | Fitness professional

I want to make an impact. I have always worked in big box gyms, but no everyone wants to go that route. So I enjoy helping people find a trainer that’s available outside a big gym/fitness center. Read more>>