We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Chris & Cody | Cohosts, BSP | Believer Skeptic Podcast

I have been told more often than not that you just have to put your material out there, and people will be attracted to it. Not necessarily so. We have been podcasting for four years now, and it is still a lot of work (fun work, though, if that makes sense). We can’t just put out an episode in its raw form and expect people to love it. There is research, editing, promoting, marketing and so on. I am happy to put in the effort for quality work, but don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you can just press record and everything else will appear. If only it were that simple! Cody: “Tape a picture of the house you want above your desk. You’ll work hard and end up with that house!” I’ve found these pieces of advice about expectations to be pretty terrible. Let’s take an example regarding our podcast. Say we create our podcast with the expectation, “In three years, we’ll be making $5K a month!” Then, during those three years, we create great content, make people laugh, expand our audience, and attend fun events. Read more>>

Claire O’Connor | Brand Designer/Web Designer/Wordsmith

“Hustle & Grind” Whenever I see memes on social media glorifying ‘hustle hard’ and glamorizing ‘the grind’, I feel it’s so far off the mark—especially for women entrepreneurs. What if the ‘hustle and grind’ mindset is just a clever variation of self-sabotage… a particular flavor of us getting in our own way? How about if we self-cared and self-loved our way to success? What if we got willing and open to receiving the experience of ease and flow? What if—even while doing ‘hard things’—we were committed to the felt experience of being buoyed by a wildly delicious stream of alignment? Imagine what life might be like if we were to continually invite and welcome ease. Imagine what we could do with all the energy that is currently tied up in the adrenaline of hustle-and-grind/fight-and-struggle. Imagine the increased sense of peace and inner softening. When our nervous system is in a state of adrenalized ‘trying’, our true creative power is limited. We are reactive instead of creative… creative in the sense of: ‘What do I want to create right now.’ A calm and stable nervous system allows us to be fully present and powerfully effective. Read more>>

Kendall Merritt | Certified Energy Coach + Sex and Relationship Coach + Podcast Host of Soul Saturations, The Podcast

Conventional advice would have you believe that sex is a dirty word. Stay with me here, I know this is an uncomfortable topic that may trigger some people, yet when no one talks about it, we will never be able to think differently about it. Sex is not a dirty word. All people deserve healthy relationships and thriving sexual wellbeing…. yet society puts sexuality in a box. It is over-commoditized and under-valued. It’s everywhere and not allowed to exist at the same time. Everyone talks about it but no one is talking about it from the perspective that matters most. It’s one of the most taboo topics that exists on the planet and it is THE most natural, innately human and beautiful parts of our existence…. It is literally how the human race continues to exist. Conventional advice would tell you never to talk about it. Conventional advice would give you conflicting and confusing information that steers you down deep dark rabbit holes of misinformation, shame, judgement, guilt, fear, pain and silence. Read more>>