We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Ricky Kidd | Inspirational Speaker , Author & Playwright

Making the world a better place. Seeing people having the opportunity to stretch themselves into new realms of possibilities & knowing that I am one of the individuals on this earth that can help others achieve that goal. Read more>>

Jonathan Bird | Financial Planner & Author

In 2011 I had the opportunity to work as a personal caddy for billionaire Julian Robertson at his New Zealand golf resort called Kauri Cliffs. I asked him how I could learn more about investing. “I’ve got this friend, Warren Buffett” he replied, “he’s great – you should really read his letters.” Read more>>

Jodii Zimmerman | I’m an owner of PriceMyAC.com, my primary focus is as a COO & CMO and I spearheaded Arizona’s first Women’s HVAC Service Technician Apprenticeship Program through PriceMyAC.com

Nana Mae and Great Aunt Betty were my first role models, and although they are no longer with us they continue to inspire me. I grew up in a few family-run businesses, one of which was a women’s undergarments store. Nana Mae (and Papa George) ran one store. Nana Mae ran the front of the store (customers, cash register, salespeople, etc.), Papa George did the bookkeeping, inventory and tailoring. Conversely, Aunt Betty ran three stores, but she did the accounting and inventory and had others manage the front of the store. Read more>>