We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Aspen Beals | Freelance Photographer

I am inspired by the people I meet through my business. The clients that I have connected with, and the artists that I’ve collaborated with have all been a part of my journey of growth as a photographer. I like to bring everything I have to every shoot, to be present, so I can see those opportunities for inspiration. Almost every shoot gives me new ideas for concepts I want to capture, and ways I want to do that. I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone often, and that’s why my content stays fresh and diverse. Read more>>

Deidre Baker | Project Engineer & Adventure Enthusiast

I am inspired by authenticity and passion. I admire and love connecting with people who are unapologetically themselves, who speak their mind, express their feelings, and pursue what truly fuels their fire. There’s so much pressure to conform to societal expectations and I am by no means completely immune to this influence, but I always strive to do what makes me happy and to remain true to myself. At the end of the day, I’m not answering to anybody else, so it’s essential to be satisfied with the choices that I’ve made, and it is always refreshing and encouraging to encounter sincere individuals who follow their own script and chase their dreams freely and fervently. Read more>>

Jasmine Pena | Event Planner & Photographer

Instead of ‘what’ inspires me, it is more of ‘who’ inspires me. It starts with the name I chose to represent my work. Leah Arie is a combination of my two daughters’ names. While it is easy to say that I find inspiration through other creatives and the masterpieces they create, the truth is that I am most inspired when it comes to raising my daughters in a world that is so distinct with the kind of roles females should have. I love events and photography, of course, otherwise I would not be doing this. But what I love even more so is having the ability to choose to do something for myself because it is what feeds my soul, and my hope is that my girls would seek opportunity in the same light. Read more>>

Stacey Darling | Decorative Furniture Artist & Canvas Artist

In this season, I find myself most inspired by women in business, specifically mothers balancing motherhood and their professional ambitions. I felt lost when I left my career path to be a full-time mother. Being a mother blessed me in ways I could not have imagined, however, I found myself having dreams and aspirations outside of motherhood. This gave me a great sense of guilt until I came across a quote by an unknown author, “A mom who has big dreams outside of her family is still the same mom who has big dreams for her family.” At that moment, I recognized that motherhood was not one size fits all and that I could still pursue my dreams while staying home to raise and nurture our four boys. I love reading stories and following the journeys of other mothers who are doing the same. I find their journeys to be both inspiring and motivating. Read more>>

Brianna Stratton | Artist

What inspires me most is the world that surrounds us and how we can use things we already have to make new creations. I was inspired by the trend of upcycling and making things instead of purchasing them. I have always been drawn to bright, bold colors and uniqueness of handmade items. I also am inspired by and love the beauty that nature provides from bugs, to animals, and different types of plants from all over the world. I use oil paints because of the way the colors are bright and can mimic nature very easily. I found this art outlet through relatives and of course Bob Ross which only made me more drawn to work with nature. Read more>>

Joey Kaufmann | Lifestyle Blogger

I’m really inspired by people. I think everyone has a story to tell, and I love connecting with others and learning about them. I started the “Life Got Me Like” blog because I wanted to create a community where women could go to find commonality. We all like to feel like we have a tribe we belong to, and that there are others who understand and can empathize with what they might be going through. I’m very passionate about helping others, and being an open and authentic person who isn’t afraid to share her story. If I can inspire one person to go after their goals by my writing, or help someone to find their confidence again, or simply to feel like they’re not alone in what they are going through, that’s all that matters to me. Read more>>