We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Agustin Vargas | Fine Artist & Art Instructor

All the daily experiences. It all depends on where I am and how I feel. Read more>>

Zabriel Kennedy | Artist

I got where i am today by being a student first and taking a backseat until it is my time. It’s not easy especially when you see your peers continuing to elevate but timing is everything. I never would have thought i would ever be in the position i am today 5 years ago. My brand is all stay Toon’d and tiny couch animations is all about doing what you love with no pressure. Read more>>

Zoe Nichols | Singer Songwriter

I find that I am most inspired by my faith and those around me. Seeing the battles that people go through and knowing that they are a common experience among people gives me fuel to write music that can shed some light and bring hope to those hard situations that everyone faces. I also know that when I find myself fighting these battles, I am always led back to God, in whom I find my rest and my salvation. This guides me and inspires me to share that comfort through the words that I write and the melodies that go with them. There have been countless situations where I take something hard that I have been facing or see others facing to God and come back with a song. Through this, I find answers to big questions and help shed some light on them for others as well. Read more>>