One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Dori Klass, MBA, PCC | Founder, Whole Person Whole Power | Complexity & Depth Coach

Aliveness. Courage. Life. And people who find the courage to look within and trust that they will love who and what they find there; people who do the work of aligning their inner and outer lives and who feel free to be who they are, their true selves, in their outer lives, without apology or excuse. I’ve had a number of muses, and teachers, in my 60 years, some I’ve admired and some I’ve feared (okay, maybe it’s always both!). They all have one thing in common. They know who they are. They know what they’ve been seeded for and why that matters. There’s absolute clarity about that. And they make choices that align with this knowing, whether it’s how their egos might originally have designed their lives, or not. On an ego level, there may be agony moving between states, but on a conscious, spiritual level, there is peace, pure bliss, calm in the midst of the chaos. Read more>>

MARCUS Boyd | 4x Award Winning Autism Activist

I am inspired by God first he is truly the head of my life and I put him first in every thing I do and 2nd my daughter Skylar and son Malakai Daniel Boyd and God Son Jason Jojo Bishop they are my world and fresh air and I will do anything for them I love them so much Next for me I have to say my church covering Dr Arnold and Dr Darinda Burrell from remnant apostolic center here in Tucson Az they are my covering and I learn so much from them and how to really live in God ok next is my niece Goldie Bishop she is dealing with some serious situations but through it all she is a incredible mother and intelligent and beautiful woman I am so honored to have her as my niece I learn so much from her on a every day basics. I am inspired by my music and talents and gifts that God has given me I am inspired by every Autism individual and families out their worldwide every time I see a success story from the Autism world I smile because I know God is showing that you can do anything with him. Read more>>

Hunter Hazelton | Poet, Author

People. More specifically, my relationships with people. Sylvia Plath has a quote about why she writes: “There is a voice inside me that will not be still.” And Joan Didion has a quote answering the same question: “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means.” I think I’m somewhere in-between. The speaker in my poems is my most authentic identity–even though he doesn’t always tell the truth. He is the persona of my ruminations, and I often find myself writing about the relationships in my life based on others’ understanding of this persona. Do they know him? Which is really a synonym for “Do they know me?” Ironically, I’ve never been the best at expressing myself. The irony comes in that I am creative. I am extroverted. So, most people I know might disagree with me there. Read more>>