We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Annecia Williams | Certified Wardrobe and Personal Stylist

This is always a good question to be asked. I am inspired by many different things, one in particular would be nature I absolutely love outdoors. Lakes, grassy areas, etc. it really brings the best out of me and it puts me in such a peaceful mindset. I enjoy being outdoors and letting nature guide my creative flows, I feel like the different scenery really helps me to get out of a common space. I know sometimes for me when I’m at my workspace at home I tend to get distracted so being outside in a more secluded area where it’s just myself and no one else around helps me to be inspired. Read more>>

Derek E. Shelton | Author/Former World-Class Jumper/Care worker

I am inspired by the three autistic young gentlemen I care for. Each day I work them, they show me how much we take for granted in a world that can be so cruel and misleading. I feel so fortunate to be in their company. Read more>>

Lil Que2x | Music Artist

I am inspired by the local Chicago artist. Seeing Rap artist like OG Stevo, The Immigrantz, Solly, and many more create fan bases and maintain them throughout the years gives me hope on the daily. They gave me my recent spark on taking music more seriously. My brother, Ulysses (Aka Boomtown) will forever be my greatest inspiration. He was right there when I said kicked the first freestyle. Read more>>