We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Kat Rumbley | Get Curious with Kat Rumbley

I feel most inspired in the unexpected. In places I wouldn’t think to be inspired. I have found myself on plenty of road trips to the “inspiring” destination and have been energized by the weird roadside attraction instead. It really doesn’t matter where you draw your energy from. All that matters is that it inspires you. And in turn, hopefully it will inspire someone else. The circle doesn’t have to end with you – it can keep flowing. Read more>>

Fuego Bentley | Artist/rapper/singer/songwriter

I am inspired by life, the full experience. Life and death, Love and heartache. Success and failure. The complete and utter passion to be great at what i do, all the while inspiring, teaching and walking in my truth Read more>>

Xavier and Shalita Amie | Xtreme HipHop with X and Lita

XtremeHipHopwithXandLita is inspired by trying to better our health as well as helping others in our community to become healthier. XtremeHipHopwithXandLita is a cardio, Toning, strength training, and aerobic exercise for all ages, shapes, and body sizes. We emphasize in a don’t stop, don’t quit, you gotta live attitude on our way to making step great again. Located right in the heart of Tempe, Az and the surrounding areas. We specialize in group training as well as individual training. Read more>>