We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Rebecca Hidalgo Rains | Veteran Real Estate Broker

I have worked hard all of my life and have said to my 2 daughters many times that I am only going to be successful as a parent if I teach you how to not just survive when I’m gone, but to THRIVE when I’m gone. Read more>>

Dr. Jenni Bruning Brown | Founder & CEO of Fly Fitness

I firmly believe that the work I do, the choices I make and how I approach my own life will teach my daughters to be strong, independent women. I know that my own mom worked, got her PhD and went on to be really successful not only as a mother but as a businesswoman, and I know that my determination and dedication to my passion is rooted in that experience. I went to law school, but ended up shifting paths to follow my passion. Read more>>

Johnnie Ghiglia | Nonprofit Executive Director / Founder; Retired First Responder; Community Liaison

I believe the most important thing I have proven with my actions is to let me son know that I will always love, support and accept him no matter who he is or who he loves. When he came out at 17 and told me that he is gay, it did not make a difference at all as he is my son and I love him unconditionally! I told him that I want him to be his authentic unique self, whatever that is! Read more>>