Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart.  Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice.  So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Milla Nguyen | Aspiring filmmaker (director/writer), designer, and artist

Hi Shoutout Arizona, thanks for having me! Personally, I had always been surrounded by the idea of art, design, and creation. For example, my mother had been an artist/ painter since her teenage years in Vietnam and even when she immigrated to the United States. Read more>>

Joshua Muzzy | Tattooer & Artist

I decided to pursue an artistic career for a few reasons. One was because I have been drawing/creating many forms of art ever since I can remember. It’s always been a positive outlet for me so it made sense to chase down that goal of becoming an artist as my career. Read more>>

Eddie (Elijah) Broadway (Palles) | Drag entertainer, Performance artist, Activist, Therapist

My career in drag was pursued first on the basis of exploring my performance side. Through that I quickly found my gender identity. I had always in a round about way been in the arts, especially performing arts, but never felt comfortable or confident in it mostly due to my gender expression at the time. Read more>>

Melissa Lucciola | Musician & Songwriter

I pursued a creative career because nothing else seemed to make much sense to me. I’ve never been actually satisfied with any other type of work except maybe gardening. I never liked to sit at a desk or liked knowing exactly what I’d be doing on a certain day next year, so I knew I needed something in my life that would keep things exciting for me. Plus when I am working really hard on a song, I just feel completely alive and energized instead of other work which tends to deplete me. Read more>>

Carlie Doley | Fashion Stylist

During my senior year of high school I decided I wanted to go to school for fashion, and up until then I had always been undecided. Fortunately my school offered wearable art and textile classes, where I began my journey. Read more>> 

Elizabeth (Izzy) Shreves | Artist

At first I didn’t. I was scared to be an “artist” since I was always told they don’t make any money. After working an office job for about 8 years in total, I finally made a change. Read more>>